Sunday, 30 December 2012

I have taken a reading challenge. Join me?

Okay was checking out blogs and I found this one:

She had 3 reading challenges  on her blog.  I already have a list of what I want to read (still have enough time to read more), so accepted two!!!! 

If you want to join me, Click the link(s) that you wish to join!!

Eclectic Reader Challenge –(this is my first one)
1. Action Adventure –  
2. Dystopian – 
3. Historical mystery – 
4. Humor – 
5. LGBT – 
6. Made into a movie – 
7. Memoir – 
8. New Adult – 
9. Published in 2013 – 
10. Romantic suspense – 
11. Translated fiction – 
12. Urban Fantasy – 
13. Witchy (13 is awesome) – 

Witches and Witchcraft Reading Challenge –(This is the second one) (11-15 books)

Dystopia Reading Challenge – Revel – (7-12 books)(I will do this one too but at the recruit level 1-7) 

So I hope you will join me and the others on this journey into Book-land!

Thanks for dropping by!! Will be back soon.
Please share so others may join us too!
Alice M

More adoptable cats!

This Zadie she really needs a home!!!
She is so beautiful and friendly, 
surprised she is not gone yet.
Look at her, wish I could take her but 4 kitties is enough.  

Numbers as of yesterday!!!

Here are the other pretty kitties!!!!

Thanks for dropping by!! Will be back soon.
Please share, lets find them forever homes!!!
Alice M

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas at my Best Friends house!

This is my best friends house.
I will not post pictures of her or her children.

This TV is a 3D TV.
She got it as a Christmas present from her mother in law.
(She is the only one I know who has one)

This is Jewel, her dog, she so pretty!!!  


 These were our treats!  (They were delicious!!) 

These are some of her youngest's toys (most are Christmas presents)

 Jewels again! 

These are my presents!! Now I will very really nice nails!
  Going to try it Monday.
 I am taking tree down tomorrow, that would ruin my nails.

 It was a great day!!!!
I am working on my next post, should be done soon.

Thanks for dropping by!! Will be back soon.

Alice M

Thursday, 27 December 2012

And the winner of the eBook is.......

And the winner of the eBook (Dressed To Kill:  The Link Between Brest Cancer and Bras By Soma GrismaijerSydney Ross Singer) is......


 from the blog:

 Spells of Infinity: Nature, Magic And Meditation.


I will email you to find out if you want the book sent to that email or a different one.  *_*

Thanks for dropping by!! Will be back soon.

Alice M

OH this is funny!!!

How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas



Drop by again!

Alice M

My sis's present to my boyfriend

 My Boyfriends favorite team.

Me, I am not into hockey. 
 But couldn't resist doing this!!!

Drop by again!

Alice M

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Day at my sister 2012

Hi!! Hope everyone had a good Christmas or Holiday!!!
I got a camera for Christmas from my boyfriend!! 
This one.
Takes great pictures, and can do a lot of different things.
Will take awhile for me to figure it out.  It also takes great video!!!

These are pictures I took Christmas Day at my sisters!
Couldn't get any pictures of her eldest cat Kasha.  Next time!!!

This is Moe, from her Christmas card!


Se7en, she is about 7 months old (Kasha is older)


My nephew got this mask as one of his presents.

My sister trying it.

Her back yard.

Her neighbors front yard.

When I got home my cats were worn out, probably playing with all there new Christmas toys. ;~)

All though Ricki and Rene (my Degus) were up!

Chong, my rat wouldn't let me take a picture! LOL

These are some of my gifts.  The large scarf is from my niece,  ;~)
It almost covers the bed.  Love the turtles!

Well that was my day.  It was wonderful to spend it with family.
  I did miss my boyfriend, he had to work today.  ;~(

Drop by again!

Alice M



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