Sunday, 21 October 2012

Do We Have a Future?

Ok today’s topic is a little different.

I want to tell you about a great eBook I read, “The Time Traveler [NOOK Book]” by M.A.W.  Here is the Overview:

“Due to coma after a near death war trauma, Frank ends up in a laboratory where his life is extended for centuries. Traveling through time he experiences the changes in science, through which he comes to a life changing experience. A time where evolution and creation meet. Only to find that humanity missed the boat on a life threatening issue.”   It gets a little weird at the end, but it is well worth reading. (and only about $0.99)

The reason I choose this book is because of all the different theories out there on why people act and do what they do.  Chances are it is a combination of a lot of things (To many things lead a human to be what they will become and to do what they will do).  We can’t narrow it down and say if we stop this, it will stop.  I have never believed that.  WE have to change everyone.  Everyone has to learn to treat all the same, no one better, no one worse.  We are all different but that makes us the same.  We can do our best to make laws to help this change to come about but it will take a lot of time and teaching to bring it.  The sad part is that we, the dominating race, on this planet cannot protect our young and old alike against our own race, Humans.  We abuse, maim, humiliate and kill our own kind.  There are women and children that are treated worse than the animals we keep.  They are sold and beaten and killed just because of their sex and age.

That tells me that it will take a lot of time just to stop something like bullying.  But we have to start somewhere.  I believe it is the children who will have to make these changes to come about. 

There are only a few ways I can see this world changing into a place where everyone is happy, fed, healthy and equal.  And most are very, VERY unlikely.
My favorite involves the idea that we are not alone and someone drops by and says “if you can’t get along with your own, no way we will ever let you leave this tiny planet.”  I have a great imagination. J

Another one involves most of the people dying on this planet and the few left realize that they have to teach equality and respect and love for everything on this planet.  (Highly unlikely the bullies will take over, unless, the next generation born is taught right from the beginning!)

Maybe we will get lucky and one day everyone wakes up and says: “Hay what are we doing?  This isn't right!”  (Yea that will happen tomorrow.  NOT!)

Nope what we have to do is teach every new generation, and they will teach the next generation and so on.  It will take a long time.  Hopefully each new generation changes things enough so the next can change more.  But it has to start now!!!!!!!

If it doesn't we may not have to worry about the future, we will not have one.

It has been a long day (3 hrs. sleep last night) and I need to just kick back for a bit, so just a short one for today!

Well I hope you check out The Time Traveler By M.A.W., you can read it on your PC if you don’t own a reader.

Here is a site offering it (Kobo and other eReader sites likely offer it too.)

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See you all later, thanks for dropping by!
Alice M

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