Monday, 15 October 2012

For Amanda Todd

I can’t believe what I have been seeing and hearing today!

On the news and the internet! Some of the comments I have seen. Shameful!  Is this what we are teaching?  Who cares?  It is her fault?

A young girl commits suicide because she believed that her life was not worth living.  The pain she has lived through in the last few years made it impossible for her to believe things could get better.  The glimmer of hope from a boy turned into a nightmare!  He and his girlfriend should be punished as well as all the others involved. 

The schools are not doing anything to teach kids that treating others like trash are harmful, damaging. (I believe schools and parents should be teaching this) Every school she went to the problem rose again.  What about the parents and guardians of the students causing her pain, they agree with how their charges dealt with her?  We hear stories like this all the time but it isn't stopping.  It is getting worse!

It started when she was 12 yrs. old.  On the news they say a man convinced her to take off her top.  Really a man asks a 12 year old to take off her top and she is blamed for it?  Than more or less blackmails her and still it is her fault?  He passes the pictures around to people she knows and loves, and it is her fault?  I DON’T THINK SO!!  

What happened to this man?  Is he in Jail?  How come someone wasn't at that school, teaching these children the dangers of chat rooms, the internet and cell phones (e.g. sex-ting) Explaining what can happen.  (Has happened).  There are predators out their waiting for them.  Not all of them adults.  Tell them to report people asking them to do things.  If not to their parents, then have a site set up.  I bet a lot of these kids don’t want their parents knowing they were even in a chat room.  They should also tell them that it isn't their fault if they fall for these deranged people.  They are children; all they want is approval, acceptance which is what predators offer.  Come on, even adults have fallen for creeps like these!

The only difference between Amanda and others is she wasn't physically harmed by this creep, if she was, would they still blamed her?  He did enough damage but her fellow students more or less finished her off.  They did even more damage than he did.  Made her live miserable until she moved and then another group of kids decided to start where the others left off. The boy and his girlfriend I hope they throw the book at them, and all that where there and participated and even the ones who didn't do anything to stop it.

I saw one comment on Facebook about making real live friends.  Considering how things played out do you think she would have found a real friend?  Seems like the few she had turned on her.

I saw one comment on YouTube “who cares”, come on really, are they that uncaring?  I care! Others also care.  We should all care!  We are losing young people, our future.  There are a lot of good kids out there but every day they are becoming outnumbered.

All these kids who went along with the group and bully and teased and harassed this young girl are going to grow up to be adults.  (Plus many more that we don’t know about).  Are these the kind of people you want representing you?  Watching over you and your children, teaching them and your grandchildren?  Making laws?  Running schools, churches, government?

Now they are saying they don’t want to criminalize Cyber-Bullying. I thought we already had laws against bullying of ANY kind.  Our children aren't worth criminalizing bullying?  Well I think they are!  Every adult out there should want to protect the young!  You shouldn't have to be related, we are all, of the human race, aren't we?  They are all our young. Even in the wild animals protect the young!  We have to punish those who do wrong, even the young.  Or they will grow to adults and the cycle continues. 

Needless to say I will be watching to see what happens. 
I want the world to help me and others spread the word. 
Bullying of Any Kind Not Acceptable!!!  

I feel for Amanda’s family, that they have to see some of the terrible thing posted (including the “famed pictures”) I hope they realize that there are those of us who want this kind of thing to stop.  I hope they do criminalize Bullying, and make it “Amanda’s Law”.  It saddens me that she took her life but let us hope her story saves many more.

Please no matter what country you live in please share!  Lets get the word out to everyone!
No to bullying!!!!!!
Thank You very much,
Alice M 

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