Thursday, 11 October 2012

I Love this Age

     Hello again.  I have added some new pictures; they are not anywhere near as good as I have seen on other blogs and pages but I did take them myself and with a smart phone.  I like the idea I can take a picture whenever I want without having to carry a camera.  I love smart phones you can do almost anything with them even read!

     Although I don’t use mine to read have a Kobo and a Coby; Kyros (7” Ice Cream Sandwich w/os 4.0 powered by Android), for that.  It is amazing what we can take with us when we leave the house.

     I can now take all my CDs (music), and all my pictures plus over 700 assorted books and a few different games (without any need for the internet just a source of power to charge up).  That is great for people like me who can’t just sit and do nothing.  I have access to all my emails and anything on the internet (except I can’t play Farmville like I do at home).  And all it weights to this with me is about 5 lbs including cords for connecting to power and another PC.  My laptop and notebook stay at home.  If I wanted to connect to them all I have to do is allow access on them but I don’t need to I have everything I need already.

     Who would have thought that would be possible even 20 years ago?
I love this age.  Another great thing about this age is we can share information faster and to more people than ever before.

     Well I have a few things I need to do.  Today’s cause I received from a friend of mine I promised I would mention it here for her.  It is “Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park”.  Here is their Facebook page and description of them:

"Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park is home to the world's largest and most biologically significant collection of waterfowl, along with many other bird species.The Park also provides a natural wetlands habitat for local wildlife."

     You might like to know that it looks like TJ found a home, he is no longer available.  I will go over tomorrow and confirm it.  I will check to see if another kitty needs some help.  :)

     Well shall be back tomorrow.  Have a great day/night.


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