Friday, 26 October 2012

If the world shared.........

Well my topic today is sharing. When you think about it, it is a beautiful word, a wondrous thing.  

I believe if everyone (and that includes countries) shared what they have, I believe many of the world’s problems would fade. 

Think about it.  In richer countries we throw more food out than others even have.  We produce enough food on this earth to feed all.  But everyday people in all countries die of starvation.  Everyday people get sick because they don’t have the right foods and medications to keep them healthy.  Yet everyday tons of food spoil or is thrown out.  If we shared the food we had, everyone everywhere could eat.

If we shared the technology and knowledge we have, we would have the means to get the food there or help to teach each of these countries how produce the food they need.  I know, I know, you are all saying but that cost money!  Money, you mean that stuff rich people have that they don’t really need?  Why do people and countries put money as the thing they all need to survive?  To build things they already have?  Or to show how much better they are than those without money?

If there was no money, think how things would change.  Everyone has something to share, offer, a skill, a service.  Each country has something to offer to the others.

Without money those who truly want a higher education could get one.  Not everyone wants more education; a lot of the things we buy for ourselves can be made by people who love to spend their time making these things. Things like jewelry, clothes, blankets, slippers and furniture etc.  Right now we buy them from stores and we are lucky if they last more a year.  If they were made by people who really want to make them, they would be made with pride.

With so many out of work because companies can’t afford to pay them.  They are losing their homes, kids not getting the proper education they need, being left on their own because their parents have to work two jobs to just pay the bills.  What would happen if this world stopped thinking, I have to have as much or more than my neighbor?  What if they woke up in the morning knowing they will be doing what they love, not worrying about bills and what will happen if they get sick?  If they knew their kids are happy, in a good school with small classrooms and attentive teachers. They would be happy!

How many people go to college and university because they have too, not because they want too?  Then others can’t go because they can’t afford it.  What a waste.  I truly believe there is something everyone could offer the world, and not all of it needs a higher education.

I believe we could house and feed the world. That there are alternatives to power sources.  That we can stop destroying the planet and killing off its life forms.  I believe that many inventions have been bought and hidden (maybe even destroyed) so that other companies and people could keep making more money.  I believe that there have been medical advances that have not been made public because it is not in the best interest of profit.  I believe that there are those out there that could invent wondrous things if given the opportunity.  But the almighty dollar is stopping all this.

If people where fed, housed (not everyone wants to live in a house either) and doing something they love, they would be happy.  Happy people make happy children.  If all where equal and there were no people with power to hold over the others, than there wouldn't be war, terrorists.  If people where not focused on money and not focused on +what they need to survive; how would that change the governments around the world?  And the countries?

I know what you’re thinking, religion.  The religions around the world hold too much power.  A true religion, based on any belief, should be able to let others be and believe what they want, as long as no living thing is harmed.  Religion is supposed to be about tolerance and love.  To this day I do not understand how any belief can believe that hurting or killing another for any reason is right.  Any religion that allows this, to me, has to be flawed, not a true religion.

I got these doing a Google search for sharing images click this to see page. 

Here are some I got in an email, about funny animals, hope you like!!!

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