Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Just a Short Note:

Hello again!   

This is going to be short.  Can’t seem to get the right words today to describe how I feel.  With the weather (which has already claimed lives) including one poor sole in Toronto, Ontario who was hit by a Staples sign, and reading about the animals at Marineland that are not being looked after the way they should be.  But I don't see articles about them fixing anything only plans for changing laws.

Than seeing this article:

Seems to me I just read about them killing wolves because they where blamed for killing cattle.  If they have problems with population control why don't they put the wolves somewhere that has plenty of food.  (wolves-slaughtered-in-combined-hunts)

Everywhere I look tonight I see such bad news. :(  

But I did find some nice things to share.  

So will be back later, come back soon.

Alice M



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