Tuesday, 9 October 2012

One of My Favorite Authors

     Today I would like to talk about books.

     A few years ago my girlfriend gave me a book called “Into the Wild” by Erin Hunter.  It was the first in a series called Warriors.  Now if you love reading and cats I would highly recommend this series.

     Now Erin Hunter is not one person but four women.  Their writing style is the best I have seen in a long time.  The books are considered Fiction - Young Adult (about grade 5 and up).  But I find that the stories would appeal to adults too.  Their characters come to life; they make you laugh and cry.  Their insight into how they live as feral cats so unique that you are anticipating what will happen next and then amazed because that isn't what you expected.  They are very hard to put down once you started reading them.  After I read the one my girlfriend gave me, Into the Wild, I couldn't get to the book store fast enough to get the next one.  Needless to say I was buying two at a time so that I didn't have to wait to continue the story.  The details included in their books on the lives of these cats and thoughts and how they deal with everyday dangers is surprising.  It is as if they didn't miss anything.  Each book is different, centered on a different cat (clan)/quest.  Their struggles to survive in a world where humans are taking over their territories and their views on life will captivate you. 

     They have two series beside “Warriors” called “Survivors” about dogs (have not read this one yet next on my list) and “Seekers” about bears (I am on the third book of this one).

     These books are great reads and if you have any young people in your life, these books would be great for all.  You can read and talk about the books with them, a great way of sharing with kids.  They make great gifts.  And in my eyes books are one of the greatest gifts you can give children (and adults).  Also a lot of these books are available as e-books for readers.

     Here is the Warriors site for those interested.
                      Warriors by Erin Hunter

Thanks for your time!


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