Monday, 8 October 2012

Something I Saw...

Hi all! Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there!  Had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s today.  She is a wonderful cook.  Had all the trimmings plus she made 3 pies, apple, blueberry and pumpkin.  I am so full I couldn't eat any pie after dinner so she let me bring some home for later.
My sister has some wonderful pictures she has taken over the years of animals, flowers and scenery. I asked her for some that I may post here for you to see.  As soon as I get them I will make a page for them.  I believe you will enjoy them as much as I do.  She is better at photography then I am (plus she uses a real camera and not a cell phone like I do).  I have some of her pictures on my wall and everyone loves them.  Would love to blow a few up or if possible make wallpaper out of them, that’s how good they are. J
Today’s cause is something I saw On CHCH Hamilton a couple of weeks ago that might interest you.

     The Camisole Project News Story from CHCH Sept. 27, 2012

Here is a link for Facebook with more information:

Also if you didn't see yesterday’s cause for "TJ" please take a moment to read it and share, thank you.  I really would love to see him find a good home.

Well like most people I know, I have a cold, been feeling it coming for a few days now.  So today, my blog will be short.  I need to rest up and get better so I don’t miss any work.

Hope you enjoy my blog and pictures; please feel free to leave a comment.    

Thank you 

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