Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Upgrade and kitties :)

Just to let you know I am upgrading my site so will not make a long blog now.  My old URL will work but here is my new one:


If anyone knows of site on internet safety, a good cause I (or my readers) may be interested or even good pages / blogs that I can share please email me the address at: 

I took some pictures of a few new cats today from the Cat Adoption Centre.  Also featuring Sienna, a 8 month old kitten disparately looking for a home.  She had an eye problem but now i is all better but left her eye a little cloudy.  Trust me she sees great and climbs good too.  This is Sienna:

Here is Cindi; she is the cat of the week.  Isn't she beautiful?

And here are the other new ones. :)

Please share maybe some one in this area will see them.

I will be back tomorrow.  

Thanks Alice M

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