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We need to protect our future!

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I wasn't planning to post again so soon but couldn't stop thinking about what I saw on the news yesterday and is now everywhere I look on Facebook. 

The sad part is, it is happening all the time and not just too young people.  I love this age but it causes problems that didn't exist a few years ago. It was bad enough than when information couldn't be passed around the world in a few seconds.

Today kids are learning how to use cell phones and computers before they are really taught the damage they can do.  All the time on the news we see things kids have done, fights at school and away from school, sex-ting,  videos of things most of us older people wouldn't even think of doing and not just stupid stunts.

There are a lot of young people (and adults) who believe they can do or say whatever they want without fear of repercussions, or all they will get is a slap on the wrist.  Once it is done on the internet it really can’t be undone, someone somewhere has the information.  I am sure there are many out there that probably wish they hadn't done something, or told some terrible thing about someone after the fact but too late to stop what has been set in motion. 

The sad part is most “grown-ups” don’t believe this could happen to them or their children.  It only happens to people who live “bad” life styles or my kids know better than that.  Or they are just having fun or joking.  “Kids will be kids” is very common too. 

Kids today are under so much pressure, for example how they look, how much money they have, if they even have a cell phone or laptop.  How long they can stay out or who parents are the coolest, who allows their kids to stay out the latest or go and do things without supervision.  Who has a girlfriend/boyfriend?  How far have they gone sexually? Do well in school or you will not get into I good college, get a good job.  There is a list so long it isn’t funny.  A lot of the pressures we remember from our teens but they effect younger children now.

Kids are very smart, learn fast but they do not have the all the knowledge or restraint to use a lot of the tools available to them (not just kids some adults as well). 

Peer pressure can destroy a young person “everyone is doing it, I will not show it to anyone else”, in fact in can destroy an adult as well.

We have to teach children that what you do and say can affect the rest of your life.

We have to teach them not to treat others like they are nothing. (Not just other kids but adults as well.)

We have to teach them “To do unto others what you wish unto you”.

As you probably already guessed what I heard on the news “Amanda Todd’s Death”

Amanda's Video

That shows exactly what I am talking about.  She made a mistake.  We all do.  What happened to protecting her, stopping the original bully- blackmailer?  And the other kids at the first school? 

Is this what we want to teach them, that if you make a mistake everyone has the right to treat you like crap?  What happened to understanding?  Learn from others mistakes?

They say there are laws in place to stop bullying in any form.  Where are they?

Say you stop a bully in school, what happens when he/she isn't a school?  It is amazing what you see when you look around you.  How many kids do you know who are bothered in or out of school?  Things taken or destroyed?  Threatened?  Or they go home and on their computer the harassment is continued there?  Are they being punished? 

Sure some of these bullys turn into wonderful adults because they learned young that what they were doing was wrong. 

But the rest turn into adults with the knowledge of how to get around the laws.  And you can be sure they are going after adults, not children hopefully.  Bullying is a crime that never really stops and can turn into far more serious crimes.

I just hope that people will realize that something has to be done and actually do something about it.  Young people are our future!  They will be making/changing our laws.  They will decide what our world will be like.  Don't we want a future of peace and understanding?  A safe world?

Well that is my opinion and I just needed to get it out there.  Maybe get people to look around; we need to protect our future!

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  1. that was beautiful and very well put.


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