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Well hello again! 

Today’s topic is a little different.  Today I want to talk about how humans treat their fellow humans.

Now we are supposed to be the highest form of life on this planet but I don’t know how we got this far.  The things we do to each other are appalling.  If we are so evolved how can we do, what we do to each other?

I could list many things here but I will just name a few. 

In the name of Religion we have waged war killing and maiming unknown numbers of adults and children alike. 

In the name of Love people have killed their family’s and/or themselves.

 In the name of Fear one race murder and enslaves another.  Men beat up women, women beat up mean, and some beat up children.

In the name of Money companies have knowingly build faulty buildings, equipment etc.  Some have even put products on the market knowing the dangers these might cause to their customers.

In the name of Power they have lied, cheated, mislead and even killed to stay where they are.

Now if you were a being looking down on us, whether it is God or an alien, what do you suppose they think of us?  It can’t be good.  I am a human and trust me I don’t think very high of us, the human race.

In the wild most animals treat their own kind with respect.  They only kill (normally) for food or to protect their young.  In the wild they have the excuse of only the strong will survive and breed.  We are not animals as “evolved” beings we have no need for survival of the fittest.  The fact we can think and create allows all the right to survive.  The weakest physical person you know may also be the smartest or the most creative or even the most compassionate person you know.  So why do we treat each other so badly?

Maybe first we should learn to treat the people around us with respect.  We should treat everyone the way we want to be treated.

Here are examples I see round me, we don't need to act or treat others like this:
Why when you walk in to a store or business it seems like they are always trying to convince you to buy something you already said you didn't want?    Or a sales person says no pressure you’re not obliged to buy or sign anything?    Or you go to a doctor and he/she says you need this operation but then gets mad you want a second opinion?

One of the most common I see is blackmail, not the kind you see on TV(although I see this on there too), but the kind you see around you, we learn it at a young age, like:  Well if you don’t get this now, I can’t offer you this deal tomorrow.  Or if you say that about me I will say that about you.  Or if you don’t cover my shift for me, don’t expect me to ever cover you when you need it.  And another common one guilt trip:  if you don’t do this for me, I will lose - raise/job/car, put whatever you like at the end of that statement.  My favorite peeve is customers in a store like a dryer cleaner or drug store or restaurant who say to the people serving them, why isn't it ready, or it took to long or you never have enough or any at all, I will not come back. Why say that to the person serving you? think before you speak it probably is not their fault, what you said was to hurt them and make you feel superior.

This is terrible, how can we teach children to do unto others, as you wish done unto you, when they are learning this?  Or expect countries to get along when we can’t even get along with our friends, family, and workmates without bullying or mistreating them?

What will it take to get people to see what is in front of them.  We have to stop this behavior in ourselves and others.  Don’t let people take advantage of you or those around you. Stand up to them.  Show them that no matter what, you know what they are doing is wrong.  If enough do it maybe we can change things.

It takes a lot of little choices to change the world, each choice against this behavior is a chance for the future.

Take a look around you the next couple of days (sadly it might not take longer than a day) see if you see what I see.  It might surprise you.

Well I never like to end on serious so here is something to make you smile:

and these I got from  animalsilove 
(you could spend all day looking at the pictures here!)

Thanks TC for showing me the site I got these from!

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Thank you drope by again:)
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