Thursday, 1 November 2012

Cats can make you Smile :)

Today I want to share some things I found.  I know they have been out for a while but there are those who have never seen them before.  I found some videos that are very creative and will make you laugh.  Of course they involve cats.

The first one I found a while back it is called “N2 the Talking Cat” (with friend Kona) It is so nice to see people finding a way to make others smile while playing with their cat(s).  Now I never watched them in order but they are truly funny, really love them.  Here are a couple videos and will post N2 sites after the videos.  One of my favorites is:  

and seeing Kona play in N2 the Talking Cat S1 Ep 4!
There is one with her playing with a sock, Hilarious!!!!! 

N2 the Talking Cat sites: ,  and you can find 

Today I also found Simon's Cat, which is an animated series about a cat.  Very creative and obviously the creator is very well acquainted with cats.  I have watched a few of them, and I will save some, allowing me to watch more when I really need a good laugh.  J  This was the first one I saw and I watched about 5 more.  :}  this is the first one I watched:  

Simon's Cat 'Cat Man Do'

This is Simon's Cat site:

Now here are some of the new kitties at the Cat Adoption Centre (please share someone in my area my see them and adopt one), I even got a couple videos of them playing. :)


I took this one sideways thought I could turn it, but I couldn't :(
But these to cats are laying not fighting, the black one is Sienna, the one I posted here before, she is about 8 months old.


Here are some of the kittens playing plus some stills.


This is Sienna again.  J

Well it is time for me to go right now.  Will be back later.  :)

Thanks for visiting,
Alice M

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