Wednesday, 28 November 2012

cute videos and fixing my pc

Hi all!  Still trying to set up my laptop. Almost finished downloading all the apps and updates (109 Window updates in 1 1/2 years).  The window updates I did first. 

 So today will share some videos I found.  This first one made me cry.   First in sadness when I realized what we are doing to these poor animals, then happiness when they where freed.  How can we lock these poor creatures up without sunlight or allowing them outside.  Is there nothing to low for a human to do???

I am glad there are those out there freeing these poor creatures.

Beagles See Sun and Grass for the First Time After a Life in a Laboratory 

Well here are some more videos of Oskar the blind cat!

Oskar the Blind Cat Playing on the Bed

Now these two cats are funny don't worry they will not fight but check out what stops the argument!!!!

And this one ism real cute!!!  They must have met before!! LOL!!!

Squirrel plays with cat

Okay hope you enjoyed them, back tomorrow!!!

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  1. The videos were great Alice! The beagle one really touched my heart! I hope your laptop gets done soon!! (I am having a giveaway on my blog, just to let you know.)

  2. Checked your giveaway, nice!! Yes the beagle one made me cry!!!
    I love sharing things that are nice!!! Everyone needs to smile!!
    Almost finished laptop, will be done tomorrow, doing to many things at a time, busy time of year! :-)


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