Friday, 2 November 2012

just saw a great movie!

You have to see this movie. It is from 2011 but it has some great learning opportunities for children and adults as well.   It is informative and shows you how one small thing, one small mistake, can change your world in a second.  

I like the fact that it points out how it is possible for young people to get access to the internet and how stupid mistakes can cause real damage and real pain to others.  It shows you what can happen when you don’t think first.  The two responsible for getting the ball rolling did not realize what damage could be done.

My advice is to watch this with the young people in your life.  It is a great starting point for a great conversation.  Gives you a chance to communicate with these young people and show them what can happen.  Also you will get an idea on how these young people really feel about what is going on around them.  It may seem far-fetched at some points but reality is stranger than fiction.  So I recommend it highly for the whole family.

The movie is from 2011 called “Cyberbully” starring Emily Osment and Kay Panabaker.

Cyberbully (An ABC Movie)

To me it is one of the best ways to approach children about bullying, the dangers of following the crowd and the internet.  

Check to see if it is playing on TV in your area or maybe rent.  Plus while I was looking up the movie I even found a “CYBERBULLY Conversation Starter” kit.  Click the link to download the conversation kit. J 

Here is the site for movie information.

Well time for me to go.  Hope you can catch the movie!

Thanks for your time,
Alice M

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