Saturday, 17 November 2012

Little Boy and Foxy and....

Been so busy so tonight some pictures of my cats!  :)  They like to sleep together, a lot!

 This is Foxy in her favorite basket on the fridge and her favorite toy is q-tips.



 This is Little Boy.
 That tag actually says Enjoy Life!
He loves wearing scarves and collars, he is weird, this is the one that had toilet paper (one of his favorite toys) in his collar for 36 hours. LOL.

 This is Little Boy, Sweetie (his brother) and Baby (the tortoise-shell).

Baby is very cuddly, she likes to be petted and like her mother, when she meows you see her mouth moving but you can barely hear her. :)

This is Sweetie, he really doesn't like to get his picture taken, he always looks funny.
Plus he thinks he is a dog. :-)

Well I will be back tomorrow!
Thanks for visiting,
Alice M


  1. Alice, I love your cats!!! I will come over and babysit ;o) Hugs ;o)

  2. LOL If you do that be prepared to have the cats sleeping on you!!! the girls on top of you and the boys on both sides of your feet trapping you under the covers!!!! *_*


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