Thursday, 8 November 2012

More talking kitties

Ok a few more videos for now.  I love these, there are two talking kitties I follow, N2 and Sylvester.  Today will introduce you to Sylvester.  There is a dog, Shelby and another cat, Gibson.  These are funny too but would advise that you view before letting kids watch this one.  Sometimes there is swearing and I believe it is geared to adults.

This one is called:  Talking Kitty Cat - Dogs Can't Talk

and this one is called:  Talking Kitty Cat 21 - Free Dog

I love how these guys play with there cats/ pets.  Here are their pages.  Sylvester the talking kitty likers , Steve Cash ( stevecash83 ), and

And one more from N2 and Kona:  N2 the Talking Cat S2 Ep16 Classic Cat

Thanks will be back later with my opinion on Feathered Serpent by Junius Podrug (should finish sometime tonight).

Alice M


  1. These are great videos! I was smiling big time! Thanks for sharing them ;o)

    1. Your welcome! glad you liked them! :)


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