Monday, 26 November 2012

Must see! Is Your credit/debit card safe?

Just received an email with this video on how someone can steal your credit/debit card number and use it without even touching your card and without you using it.  They can get the information they need while your card is still in your wallet, pocket or purse!!!

Please watch this and protect your self!!  And please share so that others can protect themselves too!!!!

The Risk inside your Credit card (and debit)

Please check your cards!!!!! All of them, including bank cards and ID cards!!!

Thanks for dropping by and please share we really need to spread the word!
Alice M


  1. Wow!!! Thanks for sharing this Alice! I would have never believed this, until I saw it!

  2. Yes I couldn't believe it either and never heard anything about it until I received the email so thought I would share since there are probably others that haven't heard it. I am glad I carry important cards in a metal business card holder. :-)


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