Sunday, 25 November 2012

Oh No they are getting younger!!!! :-(

Ok just read a scary article.  
I was hoping that I wouldn't find this anywhere.
But I did. :((
We have to get people to realize how fast kids are growing up today.
We have to get them to see that bullies are taking so many of our young (and not so young too)
When I say young, I mean young.
May 25, 2011

ME: Girl's death a suicide

PALESTINE — A Tyler medical examiner has found that 8-year-old Tori Blair Wilson of Palestine died as a result of “asphyxia by hanging,” according to a copy of the girl’s autopsy report obtained by the Herald-Press.

Dr. John A. Stash of the Southeast Texas Forensic Science Center in Tyler has additionally listed the girl’s manner of death as suicide.

Wilson, a second-grader at Westwood Primary School, was found unresponsive shortly after 8:30 p.m. on April 17 in a wooded area near her residence in the 1100 block of CR 4259, northwest of the Palestine city limits, authorities have said.

While referring to Wilson’s manner of death as “disturbing,” Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor said Tuesday that his agency’s investigation concurred with the medical examiner’s finding.

While the sheriff’s office agrees with the medical examiner’s findings, Anderson County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Westley said Monday that he is not ready to list the girl’s manner of death as suicide on her death certificate.

And then near the end of this article, just when you think it couldn't get any sadder or worse:

“It is disturbing,” Taylor said about the girl’s death. “We’ll never know why. How an 8-year-old can come to that conclusion? Unfortunately, it’s not totally an isolated incident.”

In December 2009, the death of a 6-year-old Oregon girl was ruled a suicide after authorities say she hung herself in her bedroom following an argument with her mother.

Taylor advised parents to be mindful of their children’s “moods, attitudes and dispositions,” saying we now live in a “more stressful” culture.

“I encourage parents to pay attention to them as much as possible,” the sheriff said, “and hopefully they can catch a clue.”

6 and 8 year old's thinking and actually committing suicide.  Why would they even think of that?  Where would they get that idea? And know how to do it?  They are barely old enough to read a book!

Are they getting it from TV?  The internet???  What are they doing watching stuff like that?

There is something really wrong with this world.  No child should even think or consider that life isn't worth living.  They haven't even lived yet!!!  What kind of life are these poor kids living that would cause them such pain??  To make they think that nothing could make it better??  That there is no one they could talk too???  That there was no one to help them???  Did they think no one would understand??? Or that no one would care???

It is so sad, are we raising a generation that is going to grow up thinking no one else cares why should we??? 

We will never have a better world if they grow up believing this.  We have to show them that we do care.  That bullies or any person that hurts another will not be tolerated!!  That we do understand.  That it will get better.  That there are good things in their future.  That death is not and never will be the answer!

We have to spread the word!  We have to show others how and why we are losing so many young people.  We have to get adults aware of what their children are watching and what they are thinking.  We have to make them see just how smart these young people are.  Especially the bullies!  We have to stop saying their are just kids no real harm done!  This is not true!  

I have heard kids say things to other kids for the sole purpose to hurt them, to make them think they cant do something right or that some doesn't like them.  When you try and stop them they say "I am just joking" or "they know I don't mean it."  Sound familiar??  It is what they hear adults say.  They catch on quick.

The sad part is I hear adults do exactly the same thing, cut someone down, and in most cases give the exact same answers.  Or deny it or, even worse say that it is the truth.  So next time you hear this happen, in person or on TV, look around who is seeing this, learning this behavior.  Or pay attention to your surroundings, can kids hear you?  Sometimes kids hear this through walls and windows.  We need to change how we act and others, we cant keep making excuses for bad behavior.  We need to set a good example!!!! 

So please share this!  Let us spread the word!! 

~~~~Now something to make you smile!!

Thanks for dropping by and please share we really need to spread the word!
Alice M


  1. Alice, my heart breaks, it's horrible! I was bullied when I was younger and I know how it feels. I had a great mom behind me and I think that's what made me strong! Love the videos, thank you ;o)

  2. Supportive family is what we need, if we can get the victims to talk with their parents and not be afraid the bullies wouldn't have much power. I m so happy you had your mother and that bullying hasn't made you shy! :-)


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