Sunday, 4 November 2012

Parental Controls

Well I’m back.  Took me over 6 hours to find/install what I was looking for this blog today.
Yesterday I was talking about internet safety and children and I thought tonight I could talk about Parental Control options.  Trust me there are quite a few at there!  Some are free, some you pay for and one I found is free but only by earning points blocking sites.

Now the last one I did like a lot because it was easy to install, you can hide program so the children couldn't find it and also gave you access to see what sites the kids went, and what they searched for from any computer and on some phones.  Since the grand-kids don’t use my computer, keeping that program wasn't an option because I didn't want to pay for it.  It is from  If you have a few children in your house this might be good for you since you will be blocking and adding sights to be blocked.  You also earn points for going in a check the children and for recommending it to others.

The one I did install and keep on my laptop was from Qustodio, It also does what the first one did but you can add another adult to monitor their activity from their own home if you can’t do it yourself at work etc.  This one will also set up user accounts for each child when you install, so you don’t have to create it, or you can use an existing one.  This one I got from  And it is free.
Both these programs work with Windows 7 parental controls, so that is a plus too.  For more information on Windows 7 parental controls, check here:  How To UseParental Controls in Windows 7,

I also would like to point out for those who may not realize it that even young children 7 years old (and some even younger) know how to start a computer and know what to click to get on the internet.

So please install and use a form of parental control.  You might also want to talk with your children’s friend’s parent to make sure their internet is also safe.

There are 2 more I want to try and install on my notebook tomorrow (in has Windows XP).  Will let you know how that works out.

 So will let you go and I hope this may have helped you. :)

I am not sure where this came from but I thought you might enjoy it.

These pictures i got from Caturday, here is the link: .  I am putting it here so some of my friends can see it, maybe even join Google+.

Thanks for visiting, see you soon.
Alice M

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