Tuesday, 20 November 2012

These are too funny!!!!!!!

You have to watch these, they are way too funny!!!!!

I love cats and these are very good, a little sad about the big cats, hopefully they are on a diet now. :-)
I really have to get a good camera (or a new phone, my last one was great for pictures and video)
my cats can make you laugh too!

Supercats: Episode 1 — The Funniest Cat Video!

Supercats: Episode 2 — Moar Hilarious Cat Videos!

I hope you enjoyed them!!  There is a third one and just when you thought you saw everything watch this one!!!! LOL

Supercats: Episode 3 — I Can Has Cat Videos? 

Cat elevator? Great idea!!!!!!!

Thanks for watching be back later!


  1. Fantastic!!! Loved them all so much! Great videos Alice ;o)))

  2. Thanks going to see if I can find some dog ones! ;-))


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