Thursday, 22 November 2012

We Need to Stop them Before Bullies start...

 It is so sad, the more I read the worse it gets.

9 and 10 years old and getting bullied at school. 

People don't read about it because they don't want to face the truth.

If we ever want to put a stop to this problem, the first thing we have to do is open our eyes!  So many think this could never happen here.  Wrong!

The more research I do the more I realize that the kids committing suicide are getting younger.  I do not remember of hearing about kids this young committing suicide when I was growing up.  Sure we didn't have internet then, where news could be had from any country at your fingertips.  But I don’t think it was all that common 30 or 40 years ago.

Today, with our technology, it seems that the life of a child is becoming harder.  They seem to be trying to grow up faster; I don’t think it is on purpose but the result of too much knowledge without understanding.  They are bombarded with violence, sex and the misconception that without money and/or power they don’t have anything.  For kids money and power are equivalent to have the latest electronics (and having the freedom to use them) and friends who will do whatever they want and back them up.  The more friends, more power.

How many of us could survive what these kids are going through?  Our problems where nothing compared to what they have. 

Today kids have the same dangers we had but they have so much more to worry about.  And for some reason many don’t seem to understand why they can’t have the same toys their friends have.  Or if they do understand than they also understand the problems their family is having with money.  Now talk about stress.  They can’t go to school and tell their friends and schoolmates that they don’t have the money, because than that would open them up to teasing/bullying.  Why?  Because the ones who do have all the new toys don’t understand what it feels like not to get what they want.  They don’t understand that money is something you have to earn.  That some people need the money they get to eat, pay rent and buy clothes.  I just read a story of a 10 yr. old who is now gone because they bullied her, not because she didn't have the latest toys but because she didn’t have the right clothes.  

What makes this so heart breaking?  She was 10!!!!!  That means her bullies where in elementary school!

People have to realize bullies are everywhere!  They think their child is safe because of their age.  Wrong.  So far the youngest I have found to commit suicide is 9.  I am afraid that may change.  And that scares me.  That means to me that a 9 year old found it to hard to go on living, could not see a way out.  They were face with problem they could barely understand and looking around could not see a better future.

That is depressing!

We have to learn the signs.  Keep our eyes open.  We have to find these kids before they give up and help them. 

We have to stop the bullies young!  Real young!  Not 14 or 15 years but younger as soon as they start interacting with others.  We have to teach all the kids that hurting others is wrong whether it be mental or physical.

We need to teach them empathy and compassion.

The sad part is too many adults do not understand, we have to face this problem, learn what we can, realize that bullying starts when they start interacting with others.  It is not cute when a kid pushes another because they picked a toy that someone else is playing with.  They are not going to outgrow taking someone ones cookie at snack time.  They aren't going to outgrow telling another “if you say anything I will say you started it” or “you did it”.

Bullies don’t happen overnight.  They don’t stop at school.  They have computers, internet games and where ever they hang out, to inflict their pain. 

My belief is, if we can stop them before or right at the beginning, we could make a better generation.  And the generation after that would even be better!

To me bullying can cover any action that hurts another whether physical or mentally.   

Okay now something to make you smile!  Got it from an email a friend sent.

The Amazing Grace Christmas House - Holdman Christmas

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Alice M


  1. Beautiful video Alice! You are so right about the bullying! It's so sad! If everyone takes a step to spread the word and to be there, it will make a difference!

  2. Thanks! I know that's why I try and spread the word! :-)

  3. Hi Alice, You are so very right that bullying needs to be stopped early. My daughter was bullied by the same group of kids from elementary school into middle school. It wasn't until one teacher stood up and forced the issue at school did the bullying stop. Now it is 2 years later, the daughter is in her first year of high school and bullying is a daily topic of conversation.

    Why are most adults blind to this? I have a theory... the kids are learning from their parents. I see parents daily being rude and bullying to anyone, who might get in their overprivileged way. The parents bully the teachers at the school because their kid could never do that, but their kid learns that type of behavior from them. Look at how adults act on-line everyday and explain away their behavior as it is all in fun. That the other party needs to grow up and put on the big girl panties. How can we help the kids not bully if their parents are bullies themselves?

    Just some thoughts and welcome to my insanity on G+.

    1. Yes not just parents but adults and TV too. On some TV shows and movies you see people being bullied and the victims are being laughed at, such a great example. Not!!! And thank you for the comment, always glad to hear I am not the only insane one!!! LOL


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