Thursday, 6 December 2012

300 Cats adopted since April!!!!!

Great news Burt was adopted today, he will be going to his forever home tomorrow.  This makes Bert the 300th cat/kitten adopted from the Cat Adoption Centre since April 2, 2012!!!!!

That is great!!  Congratulations to all the volunteers and workers involved with this great project!!!!

This is Burt!!!

Here are the other still waiting to go to their new homes, maybe your home!  :}

If you don't live in this area please check or your local shelter.

Please share someone from my area may see and adopt one of these cute furry critters!!!!

Frito and B.B. need to go to the same home.  They are both beautiful and friendly.  
They are both spayed and you can ge both of these lovely kitties for $200.00 instead of $140.00 each.  A great deal for new friends and companions! 



Ash (She is the big one), the small one is Bert.


Sophie and Clara





I found something today (actually saw it on the news) and I would like to share it.  It is a  campaign to save animals, run by children!!!  If you know a young person who would be interested in saving an animal, take them to this site,
Go with them to help them pick an animal etc.  It is a nice project to get kids to help and protect our future.  :)

Thanks for dropping by!  Please share,
someone around here may see and adopt one!!


  1. All these cats make my heart melt!! I love them all so much ;o) 300 cats adopted since April! That's a lot! Makes me so happy ;o)

  2. Yes me too!!!!! These cats and kittens are beautiful!!! hope they have forever homes by Christmas!!!! ;~)


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