Saturday, 22 December 2012

All they want is a Purr~fect home for Christmas!

Three more days to shop for Christmas, maybe a new furry friend will complete your home!  Check a shelter or Humane Society by you!!

These are from the Cat Adoption Centre at the Seaway Mall.  First time I seen so long furred cats!  ;~)

Normally I would write something about the cats but I feel real sick.  If I hadn’t had the flu shot I probably would feel a lot worse.  
So here are the beautiful cats!!

Here are the adoption numbers since they opened in April this year!!!

Will be back when I feel better!  
Please share!!!! 
Thank you!!!
Thanks for dropping by!
Alice M


  1. Alice, I hope all the kitties get good homes! I'm happy so many have found good homes ;o) I hope you feel better! Hugs ;o)

  2. I hope so too, going to check in a bit to see who is left. They should be open tomorrow too. Ans I feel a little better not so tired but achy. ;~)


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