Sunday, 9 December 2012

Book update and one (eBook) to give away :)

Well hello again!!  Sorry but have been very busy and next week will be another long one.  Trying to get apartment ready for Christmas.  Working on a gingerbread village. :-)  I am using kits that I have bought that are expired, figured it can`t be eaten can use to decorate.  I want to spray it with a crystal clear finish so that it will last a few years, this way can add pieces every year and replace any when the need arises.  When I finished will post picture.

The little spare time I have I use to read. on the fourth book of John Carter of Mars(1-5) by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  It is great surprised at how long ago it was written, but will get into it in more detail when I finish the 5 book.

I am also reading Dressed To Kill:  The Link Between Brest Cancer and Bras By Soma GrismaijerSydney Ross Singer.  I am just over half way through and I have to tell you it was quite a surprise to read.  Not only is it well written but it flows beautifully, he could have wrote books for a living.  It is also easy to read, not a lot of words that you would have to be looking up constantly, he uses words that us regular joes can understand.  Now  would normally be finished reading this book but I didn't want to rush through it.  I read a bit everyday and give my mind a chance to absorb what I am reading.  Now you would think that would be easy to do but it truly is hard to put down.  Will let you know more after I finish reading it.

I really think that everyone should read this book, it gives some really thoughtful insight.  So I have decided to do something special

Since everyone who reads this is using some form of computer (laptop, tablet even phone) I have decided to buy one eBook copy of :   
 Dressed To Kill:  The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras,
and give it away to someone.  To enter this contest all you have to do is join this site,(you dont have to have a blog to join!) you will find it on the right of this page.  I will draw a name from the members on Dec 27, 2012.  I will than email the winner and get the email address that they want the eBook sent to.  So good luck all!

Thanks for dropping by!  Please share!!
Alice M


  1. Cool Alice!! Thanks for entering me ;o)

  2. Your welcome!! You entered yourself when you joined this site. The book is really good and informative!! It is amazing what i have learned already!! ;~)


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