Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Children hiding talents because of bullying!!!

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Ok just read an article about a survey done in the Uk.  

It is really scary! 

In it, it says that some children do not show how good they were at school, math, science , sports or other activities because they didn’t want to get bullied.  Some even quit clubs or sports because of this fear.

I am sure that is not the only country that is affected by this.

I am positive it happens around the world.

To me that means that there are children out there that will never live up to their potential.  Why?  Because the interest and talent they showed in an area that appealed to them was cut short by others who felt threatened by these intelligent and talented children. 

Bullies are doing so much damage. 

Even children that are not being bullied really are being bullied.  Their actions and thoughts are controlled by an elite group of children who do not want to lose their place of power and control.  These bullies want others to believe that no matter what they do they can never be as good as them.

Well they are wrong.  Bullies reside at the lowest level of human race.  They do not contribute to the well being of others.  They think only of themselves. 

What inventions or cures have we lost because of bullies?  What about art and music?  What books or plays are we not reading or seeing because the authors felt to threatened to pursue their talents as children?

How many great football or hockey players never made it because as children the “best” players in their school or community made sure that they never tried out for the team, or quit because of threats?

I am not talking about adults (but they soon will be), I am talking about children. 
True bullies start young, sure some start later but only because they probably came in contact with a bully who than recruited at school etc.  These new ones where probably shy kids who got attention from the “popular” kid.  If they wanted to stay friends (if they didn't they would soon be the victim) they had to “follow the leader”.

Here is the article I read; check it out.  I bet you will agree with me that if it is like that there, it is like that everywhere.

Some children are hiding their talents and skills in school for fear of being bullied, research has suggested.

Here is another one about cyber bulling and young teachers.

The head teachers' union says it is increasingly concerned about internet bullying of teachers.

We must really stop this bullying!!  If we don't these kids will become adults, who will then pass on there traits to their children.  We HAVE to break the cycle!!

If you agree with me please share,  Lets get people thinking and doing something to stop this plague that will eventually kill the human race and this planet.

Stand Up! Speak Out! Stop Bullying!

Thanks for listening, pease come back soon!
Alice M


  1. Alice, can you please e-mail me at stacy8@rogers.com, with your address ;o) Thank you ;o) Will be back! I am behind in blog land. Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Great post Alice!! Again, I have to say, it is so sad!! These kids have to start speaking up! And, hopefully, the teachers and parents will stick up behind them! Teach these bullies a lesson!


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