Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas at my Best Friends house!

This is my best friends house.
I will not post pictures of her or her children.

This TV is a 3D TV.
She got it as a Christmas present from her mother in law.
(She is the only one I know who has one)

This is Jewel, her dog, she so pretty!!!  


 These were our treats!  (They were delicious!!) 

These are some of her youngest's toys (most are Christmas presents)

 Jewels again! 

These are my presents!! Now I will very really nice nails!
  Going to try it Monday.
 I am taking tree down tomorrow, that would ruin my nails.

 It was a great day!!!!
I am working on my next post, should be done soon.

Thanks for dropping by!! Will be back soon.

Alice M


  1. What a great day! Enjoyed all the pictures ;o) When you get your nails done, show us ;o))

    1. Yes it was! Don't get to see her and the kids as often since she moved. Glad you liked the pictures! I will take pictures when I do my nails. :~)

  2. Looks like Santa was good to everyone all around. Love those treats! Mmmmm..mmmm

    1. I know Santa was nice to me and those around me, I hope he was nice to you too!!! The sweets were delicious!!! :~0)


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