Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas at work

Hi all!

We had our Christmas party/dinner at work tonight.  It was great and the food was really good.  We get out meal from a local restaurant called the Blue Star.  We use them every year good food and a great deal for the money!

We also have secret Santa as well.  First check what I got from some of my coworkers. (They didn’t have to get extra things, we all pick one name to get a gift for).

Some candy ;~)

 Magic I think you will like this!  One of the managers made each of us a Christmas Ornament, she painted them herself!!! They are beautiful!! Here is mine, 3 different views.

Here it is on my tree!!!!! 

And from my secret Santa!
A cat ornament, the size of a small grapefruit!

Check the video, it lights up!

And this, I have always wanted one of these!!!! 

Well now going to finish the tree and tomorrow the sleigh (when I come home from the doctors) then spray them and show all of you. Hopefully the house will done tomorrow night and show you the whole village!!

So please come back soon to check them out and I hope you will like them!!!

Thanks for dropping by!

Alice M

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  1. Hi Alice ;o) Looks like you got some great gifts from the party! Yummy chocolate and the handmade ornament is adorable! Love it!!! The cat ornament is precious! Love that it lights up! So much fun! Lots of great items ;o) Can't wait to see the village ;o)


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