Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Day at my sister 2012

Hi!! Hope everyone had a good Christmas or Holiday!!!
I got a camera for Christmas from my boyfriend!! 
This one.
Takes great pictures, and can do a lot of different things.
Will take awhile for me to figure it out.  It also takes great video!!!

These are pictures I took Christmas Day at my sisters!
Couldn't get any pictures of her eldest cat Kasha.  Next time!!!

This is Moe, from her Christmas card!


Se7en, she is about 7 months old (Kasha is older)


My nephew got this mask as one of his presents.

My sister trying it.

Her back yard.

Her neighbors front yard.

When I got home my cats were worn out, probably playing with all there new Christmas toys. ;~)

All though Ricki and Rene (my Degus) were up!

Chong, my rat wouldn't let me take a picture! LOL

These are some of my gifts.  The large scarf is from my niece,  ;~)
It almost covers the bed.  Love the turtles!

Well that was my day.  It was wonderful to spend it with family.
  I did miss my boyfriend, he had to work today.  ;~(

Drop by again!

Alice M


  1. so glad you had a great xmas! so did i! it wouldn't be xmas without my sister! thank-you for everything! and i love you!

  2. Thank you!!! The dinner and gifts where great and I love you too!!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us Alice! Great camera gift and I love the scarf and jewelry! Your sister's place looked amazing! Cool mask and loved the video! Really loved it all! Sorry, your boyfriend had to work! Take Care ;o)

  4. Thank you an my sister does too!!! Yes the scarf and jewelry are beautiful! My sister loves Halloween and Christmas. Maybe next year he will not be working, cross fingers! You take care too! ;~)


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