Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Gingerbread Train

Hi everyone!!   

Every year I try to do something at Christmas that I make myself for a decoration.  I got an idea last year that I wanted to do.  Make a gingerbread house.  I have never made one before.  Now I didn't want to bake it, seemed like too much work (and could get expensive).  So in the new year I kept my eyes open for after Christmas sales.  I knew I wanted to spray it so I could keep it for a while.  Well in March I got lucky!  I found a gingerbread house on sale for $2.00!! (It was about to expire.)  That didn't matter to me because had no intention of eating it.  ;~)

Well while I was looking at it I also found a train, and it was only $2.00 too!  So I thought go for it have a train and a house!  Why not; it was only going to cost me $4.00.
I was so happy, get to try something new and get nice decorations too. 

Three weeks ago I went to Winners and saw a gingerbread tree!  It wasn't on sale (have only so much money for decorations) but I figured I could make one from gingerbread cookies.  Now I figured that should be hard to find some cheap cookies.  True to life, I couldn't find any gingerbread!  Went back to Winners figured I could find a way to by the kit.  Of course none left.  Figures!  I did see a Santa and sleigh so I bought it because I thought it would look good with what I had.

Today I went back just to see what was on sale.  I found a kit for the tree.  The last one!  And it was $3.00 cheaper.

So now I have the house, train, tree and Santa with sleigh.  I also have a tiny gingerbread house I found at the dollar store for $2.00.  I now have a tiny village.

Tonight I finished the train (promised a few people I would post pictures) so here is a picture of the train’s box (what it is supposed to look like):

This is what mine looks like (from different angles): 

Mine’s a little different because there wasn't enough candy in the box to do what was on the cover, so I improvised!  I like turned out better than I thought for my first try.  ;~) 

I hope you like it too! 

I will post pictures after I finish each piece and when the village is done.

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Thanks for dropping by!
Alice M

PS Sis this is a picture of that sunflowers I got from the dollar store that I put over my kitchen sink.


  1. the gingerbread train is adorable and i just love the sunflowers. you are so creative and full of the xmas spirit.you go girl!

  2. Thank you your opinion means a lot considering you're the creative one!!!! ;~) and I love you too!!!!!

  3. Alice!!!!! I love the gingerbread train!! Wow!! Fantastic!! Do you ever shop at Michael's? They have 50% off coupons! Just look for them in your paper! That's when I shop there! (or get them on line) The sunflowers look amazing!! Are they tiles, or stickers? Well done!!

  4. Thank you!!! Never been to Michael's, my sis has I think there is one in Niagara Falls. Will have to go with her sometime. ;) Yes the sunflowers is 1 big sticker, I have one with tulips but haven't figured where to put it yet. ;]

  5. One big sticker!! That is really cool!! I bet the tulips one is really pretty too! Try to go to Michael's if you can, but make sure it is a day they are giving a percentage off and make sure you have the coupons too!


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