Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Dollar Store

Hello again!!

Today I want to talk about the dollar store. 

Someone (her again) tried to put me and others down because of the dollar store.

I am going to show you why I like the dollar store but first would like to point out that I realize that not everyone can afford to buy expensive things from brand name stores.  In this day and age not many can anymore. If you don’t have a lot of money you can buy things you normally couldn’t, at the dollar store.  Craft supplies are great at the dollar store! 

If you know me: than you already know that I don’t expect a gift, especially an expensive one. If you want to buy me a gift, I am happy to receive one from the dollar store.  And you already know what I like!  ;~)

Just to prove my point here is why I like the dollar store! (well some of them anyways).

This is the wall above my bed.  Everything except the wind chimes are from the dollar store, even the flower and wall pots.

My living room clock.

This gorgeous glass picture frame (have a few of these in different styles).
The picture I printed myself on dollar store photo paper.

Wall decor plus the ones I have on my balcony doors.

One of four pillow cases (2 Christmas ones)

My kitchen wall, all but maybe 5 pieces including hooks, dollar store.

Dining room pantry decor. (store craft supplies in 2, and the other paper work computer stuff). 
Have 3 filing cabinets but still creating picture magnets for them (also got the magnets from the dollar store.

These are for the kitties.
A tent and a tunnel (plus a bottle of spray catnip also from the dollar store and the Christmas collars etc)

Two paintings I did with supplies from the dollar store including the canvases (with picture to paint), paints and brushes.  Have more I am working on.

 Okay I am not the best painter but it is fun!!

Plus ever day I have people compliant my finger nails (fake) and hair clips etc. 

I love the dollar store!!!!!
And I am proud to shop there!!!!

 Hope you will visit the dollar store and see what I mean!!!  

Hope you like my pictures!!!!!!

Alice M


  1. You know, I find when people have to put other people down, that they are insecure! They need to get a life, that's why they always have to be in someone else's life! I love the dollar store too! Good chocolate bars! LOL! As you have proven Alice, you can find a lot of neat things there! Some of these other stores, put the prices up, just because of the store names! The dollar store doesn't have to do that! Bravo on the paintings!! You did a wonderful job! Seriously!!! Keep it up ;o) Take Care ;o)

  2. Thank you!!!! I know what you mean about some people, some times it makes me feel like the human race is getting worse not better :(
    I love dollar stores obviously, thanks for the comment on my paints, practice, practice, practice I guess ;~0)
    You take care too!!!!!


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