Monday, 24 December 2012

Lets find these cats a Forever Home for Christmas!!!

  All but 2 of the cats posted the other day here were adopted!!!!!!!!
Lets empty the centre for Christmas.  
They are open tomorrow!!! 
Please share!!!

This is not the same cat as above!
(is 1 of the two left from before)

This kitty would not stop playing for me to get a good picture, but check the video.  ;~)


This is Zadie, the other one that didn't find a home!!
 Lets share this post so she can be home for Christmas!!!!

Please share!!!
 They need your help!!!

Thank you!!
Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays 
for those who celebrate other occasions!!!

Alice M

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  1. I hope they find homes!!! I am sending good thoughts they will ;o)


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