Thursday, 13 December 2012

Lets stop bullies!!! For the Future!!!!!

Hi everyone!  Sorry been pretty busy.  Now have even more to do, I really wish this woman would just forget that me and mine even existed.  She is truly amazing, what kind of person thinks like this?

Since we have people we love, we are jealous of her freedom, because neither of us drive we are selfish, and for some reason if you work for most of your adult life (that includes raising 2 children and a job outside of the house) and no longer work you are a lazy bum with no values.  If you can post every day you don’t have a job.  If you have no money at Christmas to buy expensive presents you are cheap and not worth her time.  If you say something she doesn’t like you are obviously high on crack.  If you stand up to her you are crazy and need to be locked up. 

How can anyone think that way and believe those things?  What kind of values are these?  Is this what she is teaching to those around her?

This is the perfect example of what we don’t want to teach our young.  This is the kind of behavior we need to stop.  Our future is lost if we can’t put an end to this now.  More people have to stand up to these bullies.   Everyone needs to stand up and face these people. 

It bothers me when people say ignore them they will stop.  Really, I have ignored this woman and the result?  Two months later she attacks me again.  Not just me but my family as well. 

Some may think we can’t stop these people.  You are wrong.  I find that you can’t do it alone.  Sometimes you have to drag these people into a court room screaming and kicking.  It is funny that when a bully threatens you with police or court, your best bet is to be ready to do that yourself.

Print, copy and record any contact.

Never stoop to their level by calling them names, swearing or lying
Never say anything you cannot prove.

Do your research; check what options are open to you.  Check for the rules, requirements and all the fees involved for suing.  There are different levels of court here in Canada and in the States.  Make sure you are reading the correct information for your area.

If you are having problems with this, talk with a lawyer.  If you can’t afford one find one that will give a free consultation.   Here in Canada you can apply for ½ hour free to consult.  Make sure you know what you need to ask.  Is it worth taking them to court?  Which level should I chose?  If I win can I ask for costs plus damages?  Can I call witnesses to prove the character of the bully?

If you are prepared and know what is involved than you have no need to fear.  The worst that can happen is you lose.  But you still win.  Everyone will know what they have done.  You will be prepared the next time, if not for yourself, for their next victim.  Trust me there will be another victim, bullies need victims to make them feel good, to blame all their failures on. 

If you keep and record everything they do it will be hard not to win.  Remember record, don’t lower yourself to their level and never say anything you cannot prove.

Find someone to talk with.  Don’t let the bully scare you or ruin your health.  That why these sites are here, to help. 

Well I need to go, I have to work tomorrow.  Remember to make a better world we need to stop those that abuse and bully people.  We need to wipe bullies of all forms from this world.  We need to teach children that abuse in any form is unacceptable!!

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Alice M


  1. Some people need to be taught a lesson! They need to be stood up to! You are right!!!

  2. Glad you agree!! ;~) I hope they all learn that there are those who will stand up to them!!! ;)


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