Sunday, 30 December 2012

More adoptable cats!

This Zadie she really needs a home!!!
She is so beautiful and friendly, 
surprised she is not gone yet.
Look at her, wish I could take her but 4 kitties is enough.  

Numbers as of yesterday!!!

Here are the other pretty kitties!!!!

Thanks for dropping by!! Will be back soon.
Please share, lets find them forever homes!!!
Alice M


  1. It's heartbreaking to see these sweet cats in cages like that. Every time I happen by the cats in my local humne society that are waiting for homes, I am so tempted to take one home. But we've already adopted two, and that's our limit for now. I do hope they all find forever homes!

    1. I know and it saddens me to see some stay for awhile waiting for a home. I wish could take another but I have 4 already. I will keep posting them as long as they need a home. Maybe someone will adopt them or one near them or maybe another animal that needs a forever home! ;~)

  2. So many sweet cats! I do hope they find good homes soon ;o)

    1. Yes aren't they adorable!!! I hope they find homes soon too!! Especially Zadie she is so sweet. :0)


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