Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Beautiful Surprise!!!!!!

I was so surprised today.  
A very happy surprise and the timing couldn’t have been better!  
A lovely soul sent me one of her beautiful crows!!  
Here it is a baby crow, 
Titled "Winter Fun"

Her work is so beautiful and when I saw it and the card with a note a big smile crossed my face and it reminded me that there are truly nice people out there!!

Here is the card!

So Thank you so very much Magic Love Crow you lifted my spirit.  ;~)   
It is the best gift I have gotten in a long time and I will always cherish it!!!

You can see her work for yourself, just click on her name, And I am sure you will agree that her  pictures are wonderful !!!

Thank you again!!!!!!


Thanks for dropping by!
Alice M


  1. Hi Alice ;o) Sorry I am late coming around! My mom has been sick! I am so happy you got your aceo ;o) I wasn't going to say anything! I wanted it to be a surprise ;o) Your baby crow looks very happy ;o) I am so happy you love the painting ;o) It was my pleasure to send it to you ;o) Big Hugs and Merry Christmas my friend ;o)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh sorry your mother isn't well :~( I truly hope that she is feeling better!!
      I am glad I didn't know! It made me feel so good!! And it was my pleasure and more to receive it!! No words I could ever write could describe what a beautiful soul you are and the wonderful things you create!! I will cherish this happy baby crow for as long as I live!! ;~0)

  3. ;o)))))
    Mom is doing better each day. She just has to take it easy!
    Hugs ;o)

  4. Thats good!! In time for Christmas!!!! ;~)


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