Saturday, 1 December 2012

New cats from the Cat Adoption Centre

This is Frito and B.B.
They cannot be separated. 
To adopt both $200, Including being fixed and shots. 


This is Burt, He is cute with little white paws and really friendly.

This is Burt again wth the big cat Asphalt, she is the big black cat, she looks like my Sweetie!!!

This is Lydia. 
 Isn't she beautiful with her long fur and very playful too!

This is Tazz, Sophie and Clara. 
These kittens are friendly and playful too but where a little tired by the time I got there.

Asphalt again.

Sahara she is so beautiful too!

Sarafina, love her coloring and friendly as well.

Asphalt again, sorry it is out of order, but really love this one too.   

 Thanks for dropping by!  Please share someone around here may see and adopt one!!


  1. I hate seeing all these beautiful cats in cages! My heart breaks! I hope they all get good homes ;o)

  2. I know, but they have been adopting quite a few out. Most of the cats above were brought in Saturday, only 3 of them where there on Friday(there were 4, one was adopted ;]) Some of the have been at the humane society for a while, now there is room here for them to be seen and adopted here! ;-)


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