Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Reindeer cat and Gingerbread Village

 Hi again!!!

Here are update and pictures of my Gingerbread Village.  
Also check out Sweetie!  He thinks he is a reindeer now not a cat or a dog!

Didn’t finish the ginger tree but will tomorrow, I ran out of white icing.  ;(  Good news only have one side left to do on sleigh, so I can use the rest of the white on the tree.  ;~) The Reindeer and Santa for sleigh are done.  See:

Here is my village so far.  I found some candy cane trees and check out the video of the village.  The two globes light up and change color.  I got them from the dollar store.  One is a tree and the other a snowman.

Well I hope you like it so far!!! Will keep you updated!!!!!

Thanks for dropping by!  See you soon!

Alice M


  1. Everything is coming along amazingly!! Wow!!! I love it all! Give Sweetie a hug from me!! How adorable!

  2. Thank you!!!!! And I did! He is so cute, they all are. ;~)


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