Sunday, 16 December 2012

Well it is Christmas Time!!!!!!

I love this time of year!!! Even my bully can’t ruin it!!

Last night, after work, I had Christmas dinner at my sisters.  Most of the family was there and my niece too!!!  We don’t get to see her much, she moved out of province.  Since she will not be here at Christmas, we had an early Christmas for her.  It was fun and the food was great.  My sister is a very good cook!!!

I took some pictures of my sister’s decorations.  Check them out!

Her Tree

She really loves Rudolph!  ;~))



Here is Kasha.
(Check out her food dish ;~0)

And Se7en.
(she is a little nervous with so many people around, my sis had to hold her)

Here is my tree. ;~)
(My sister gave it to me, think it is the biggest one I have ever had!!!!)
It almost reaches the ceiling!!!

I collect Christmas tins and boxes and
put them under my tree so it doesn’t look bare.  
Because the cats will open any present I put under there LOL!!!!

This I saved for last, 
it is my sister’s Christmas card she sent out this year.  
The monster destroying Welland,
 is Moe, her Bearded Dragon!!!

Don’t forget about my eBook draw, it is on the 27th!! 
Only requirement is, to join this site. 
I will draw one name from the members.  
(My family’s  names will not qualify).

Well I hoped you liked my pictures!!! 
Tomorrow I will decorate the ginger tree and sleighs (already glued together and haven’t had time to finish them) with work and the Christmas dinner and well you know, her.

So thanks for dropping by!!! 
Hope you come back soon!

Alice M


  1. Alice, thanks for showing us the beautiful decorations!! I love both trees and I love the decorations from the old Christmas cartoons! The best!! Like the idea for the Christmas tins and boxes! LOL! The Christmas card is hilarious!! Have a great one ;o) Hugs ;o)

  2. She loves Christmas (and Halloween) She has great decorations. Years of collecting!!
    the tins a boxes save my presents!! LOL!!
    She makes a new card every year. Glad you like! ;~)


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