Sunday, 9 December 2012

What happened to think before you speak?

Okay I have to say something here about these two DJs who made the “so called” prank phone call. (Or anyone else who thinks this is funny)

Prank phone calls of any sort are not funny, and I can’t see how people think they are.

My ex used to have people call and say they were calling from the police or the hospital to say he was hurt or in jail.  They were drinking and for some reason thought this was a funny joke.

To call someone up and scare them or cause worry (and unnecessary stress) is cruel and unhealthy.  One of the worst side effects of this kind of joke is it causes the receiver of this joke not to believe any calls that do come in that are valid. At the time I used to receive these calls we didn't have call display. 

Twice I received phone calls, one from the hospital and one from the police and did not believe what they were telling me, thought they were more prank calls.  I actually hung up on the police officer and he called back and gave me a phone number to call him back.

That was not funny!  The sad part is it never stopped them from making these calls.  Eventually we got call display, great invention!!!  Now I rarely answer the phone unless I see a phone number. 

All of this because of these so called prank phone calls.

Now these DJs thought it would be funny to call a hospital and pretend to be the Queen.  Why is this funny?  I do not see the humor.
One they are calling a hospital and trying to get personal medical information on the new royal couple. 
Two they are pretending to be one of the most famous people in the world, and the most famous in England!  I am sure that most people would not recognize the voice of the Queen on the phone.

They put that nurse in a very stressful spot!  If she questioned the so called Queen, and it turned out to really be the queen she would have been upset that she didn't recognize the voice of her Queen.  If the phones in the hospital there are like here, there is a good chance she didn't see the number the call was coming from (probably would have been blocked for security reasons if she could see it).  She couldn't hang up for fear it really was the Queen. 
Still not funny!

Then asking about Kate’s health and the baby, not funny either, they asked the nurse to give out information that the nurse knew was sensitive and private. 
What is funny about this??
Giving the caller the benefit of doubt she gave them information that put her job on the line!  In the end she was put in a spot that she was finding very hard to get out of.  Should she tell the caller the information or call the Queen a liar, that she really wasn't the queen.

The ideal answer would be to transfer the call or have the caller, call Kate’s doctor directly or call her boss over to take the call.  If it was the queen, she did her job, if it wasn't than she took the chance of having the doctor or her boss wondering why they were being bothered by a obvious prank.

The poor woman’s head must have been spinning.  What do I do?  Insult the Queen or answer the questions?
Okay still not seeing the humor!

This call was wrong on every level!!!  Plus after the call they got so many comments and time on the news.  Do you think that kids saw the danger in the call or thought Wow! Can we do that and get on the news too?  Hay! If adults can do it why can’t we?

I really hope that people take this seriously.  I cannot think of a punishment that does justice to what they have done, and the results of this call.  I do hope they are punished for their practical joke they pulled at work!  (Sorry but spur of the moment is not an apology or excuse!) I hope that others learn from this.

 Please share and take another step to a better world!!!

Do you agree with me?   Or do you think I am over reacting?

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Alice M


  1. Alice, I agree with you!!! My mom was scammed out of a lot of money at the beginning of the year, over the phone! Now, she doesn't even want to answer it! And, if she does and is not 100% of who is calling, she just hangs up. So sad, so very sad! I can't believe what you went through too! How horrible!!

  2. yes live and learn, now to teach others. There are many hazards with phones today. I sometimes answer the phone in a hurry and don't check the number. One day i laughed when someone tried to tell me they where from tech support, i actually laughed and said no your not and hung up. As he was talking i checked the phone number it said unknown name.
    As long as people are cautious and never EVER give password or any information over the phone when you cant see number or if the number is from another country. Lottery scams can change phone numbers weekly and use different country area codes. You can check phone numbers (and register) here at and many who have sent the money have been scammed again when another person calls and says they just found out the employees (or who ever) have been scamming and they want to make amends if you will be kind enough to send MORE money. So sad. It would be nice if people acted like real people and treated others with respect!!! ;~)

  3. Thanks for the internet address Alice ;o)


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