Monday, 3 December 2012

Wow Love this site!!!!

Was playing farmville when I was checking out the feed and saw this first picture.  Went to the site and started scrolling down the page and found lots of beautiful pics so thought I would share them (there is a few funny ones too.)
You have to check out this page there are a lot of nice pictures there plus other Christmas stuff like recipes. I really do think you will like it.

Well I hope you liked them!! 
Remember to check out Everything Holiday on Facebook!

Alice M


  1. Great post Alice! Beautiful images and great quotes! I'm sorry, I don't belong to facebook! One of the very few, I know! LOL!

  2. Yes I joined Facebook because a friend of mine told me about the different games. Ended up playing farmville but a lot of my family and friends are now on Facebook too. I love some of things that are posted. Plus I found out it is great way to promote blogs.
    Glad you liked the pictures, there was so many on the site it was hard to pick which ones to choose! ;~}


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