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Some very Good Articles to Read

​​I have been doing more reading and have found a few articles I would love to share. Thank you Lisa Corriveau who led me toBullying is Bad. Don’t be a Bully. (Guest Post) It is well written and makes some good points and would suggest it be part of your reading including the articles referenced with in it. Including this one from Scientific American (December 15, 2011) Guest Blog The Origins of Bullying. They are very interesting but it will take a little time to read.

I also found this very good site, including: A History of Bullying Prevention Month, Written Oct 2, 2012.

And one more must read is Why isn't anyone talking about the misogyny involved in Amanda Todd's life and death?

These articles have good insight and shows how some are not looking at this as closely as they should. And it doesn't surprise me that many don’t seem to understand the full extent of what has happened and will continue to happen sadly. Bullying is only part of the problem.

Well more reading for me to do will post again later.

Alice M

Some more Smiles for You!

Ok I thought you would need some smiles so here are some pages I believe can make you smile, even laugh! And we all know laughter is the best medicine. 

There a couple that also have causes you might be interested in.  Some might just make you think but in a good way.  So here we go!

And one last one, I found this blog, its great! (He has a few pages which I have listed below)  Here is one of his posts:

A real friend is someone who tires to pick you up when you have fallen, 
and if they can't pick you up, they will lay there right beside you, because they love you


I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, the links can also be found under My Fun Links. J

Have a good day! 
Remember to Smile!
Alice M 

Friday, 19 October 2012

Amanda Todd Singing

I found this on "Who Talking" at 

Amanda Todd Sings "Outside Looking In" by Jordan Pruitt 

Thought you may like it.
This young girl was beautiful and talented in many ways.  First the video that makes you girl and now you find she could sing too.  What a lose for us all!!

Alice M

Memorial service scheduled for Amanda Todd

Just an update.

They have scheduled the Memorial Service for Amanda Todd.

Here is the article with the details:


For those who want to know.

There is more information on Amanda Todd and her story on 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Internet isn't Safe for the Young!

I love technology but like everything good it has a bad side.

Today kids can access the internet almost anywhere, with anything.  Parents believe they know what their kids are doing on the internet and when.  Not true.  All you need is 1 kid with a smartphone or even an Ipod(and there are lots out there with them) they can go online and view whatever they want and then show it to others.  They get access to sites that are for adults (some of which shouldn't even exist but as long as someone wants it, it will be there) and these young people think what they see is okay.  They think, "Hay it is there so I guess it is ok, normal. So it is okay for us too.  Some kids have access to the internet at home, hopefully most are monitored.  The parents probably think they have blocked a lot of these sites but there is always a way around these blocks.  Many kids can change the settings on the computer, or know the passwords.  It is amazing that kids seem to know how to do this better than most adults.  They know how to delete history.  Incognito browsers are a parent’s worst nightmare.  You can change the passwords but if they turn off the computer and restart they can still get in.  Unless you lock the start up control with a password, they don’t know.  Many people don’t do this because if they forget the password they will need professional help to get back on.

In most cases there is always someone with a computer and access to the internet that they can use without restrictions.  Unprotected Wi-Fi in your area allows anyone to use it.  This is dangerous on many levels if you have information on the device you are using that is private.  (e.g. banking, credit card and PHOTOS).

 Many kids actually own their own computer/laptop.  Although some kids learn to use computers and the internet a school, many learn how to use them at home.  They soon learn what they can find there.  Videos, chat rooms and sites to teach them how to do whatever they decide to look up.  And I mean anything.

One of the first things they learn for school is who to use a search engine.  Type in the wrong thing or spell something wrong and you may get the shock of your life.  When I don’t know what something means I copy and paste in a search engine to find out what it means.  So can they.

Or they find they can sign up for different social apps like Facebook.  (Not picking on Facebook there are other sites they can sign up for too).  They use game sites and consoles that have chat and see what others are saying and doing.  Even some that are strictly for kids can surprise you.  Just sit down and watch them some time.  The topics and language will shock you.  I am not saying they are all like that but many are.

The sad part is we need to teach the adults the same as the children.  If you have kids or kids visit you need to know what they know and more.

You have to recognize the dangers.  To many say I don’t want to learn the internet or the computer.  I am too old to learn.  I know what I need to know.

Everyone needs to learn.  I love my computers and toys but it amazes me when a kid can come in show me something I didn't know!  And I don’t mean just teenagers –kids.

Kids will always do what they know they shouldn't.  Tell them not to say something-they say it.  Not to do something-they do it.  The kids or young people should not be able to use the internet without supervision.  Some parents say their children know better, they trust them.  What about their friends?  Your child might not do that but one of their friends will say it is safe, they do it, nothing ever happened to them. That just happens in movies or big cities.  Oh it is easy just lie about how old you are.  Don’t use your real name.

There is no such thing as a place on the internet that is safe for kids.

Adults, even responsible ones make the mistake of doing or saying things on the internet they would never say in front of kids.  And some actually talk that way in front of them.  They swear, call people names, say things like they must be high or on drugs, drunk.  Or even worse and say it is because of the country they are from or the color of their skin or even their religion.  That is no example to set for young people, they think it is ok to say these things and it isn't.  There are many reasons people are on drugs/drink and I think it would surprise many to find out just how many of these people have been abused in one form or another.  Every race, religion and country in the world has their good and bad people.

I have actually seen people "yell" and swear and accuse others of things on the internet and than say later - well I didn't mean you all knew that.  We did? what about the ones who saw it and didn't know you?  Many on Facebook think it is okay to go to another's pages and "yell" at them young people and older.  They don't seem to realize that all their friends and friend's friends(in some cases the public) can see it. And then there are others who do it so only a few see.  I don't care who sees it you don't do that!  If you are mad or upset talk!  In most cases it is mis-information that started it.

I actually saw a woman tell outright lies and swear on her own blog and then was proud to say she let her daughter read it.  What is that teaching?  It is okay to lie, swear and threaten?  I see people on Facebook and even YouTube(the stuff I read here really upset me when I realized that Amanda must have seen this before she died), while I was reading on Amanda Todd, swearing and threatening others, showing no respect or feelings towards her, posting pictures that others posted, that should never be re-posted for any reason.  We know these things exist, we want them off, and we don’t want to see them.  If we see them that will mean others will see it, all they are doing is passing them around.  Letting others see it thinking hay I will share.

I am not perfect and will never claim to be, I make mistakes.  But I will always try to be fair and not call people names, threaten them and try very hard not to swear.

I don’t bully, ever.  It is another form of abuse, and a very common one.  It affects young people and adults.  No one is immune to Bullying.

And now-a-days the bully doesn't even have to live near you!

If you keep up with the news you heard about the group who said they found Amanda's blackmailer.  They posted address and everything they knew including a name.  According to the police they had the wrong guy. (he may have broken laws, if what they say they found is true)  But they shouldn't have released that information to the public, they should have given it to the police before naming names and addresses. Here is the article

Another thing we do not want to teach to children!

And now they are accusing someone else:

Amanda Todd: Online group Anonymous now accuses U.S. man of tormenting Amanda Todd

I have added a few links under "Links from Posts" from different news sites about Anonymous.  

Thanks for listening and letting me vent J
Alice M 

Oct 18 Kittes at Cat Adoption Centre

Here are some pictures I took of the cats and kittens available at the Cat Adoption Centre at the Seaway Mall.  If you in the area drop by and see them, if not maybe this site can help you find a new friend in your area. :}

Just a short note before I go out.  I wanted to share 2 things with you all. 

One, if I can ever figure out how to put a banner on this blog this will be it: 

And two, I have just read a beautifully written blog by a young woman. 

I am glad to see young people (or anyone) spreading the word, Stop Bullying. 

She writes this “I talked about this girl in class after suggesting this particular issue to my teacher. It's a kind of human sciences class where we usually dedicate some of the time to an interesting article that had been in the news the past week.

Now if we can get all the schools everywhere, not just Canada but all over the world to approach this in school, imagine the difference it could make!!  This is a worldwide problem!!!  And we need to stop it now!

See you all soon!
Alice M

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Stop Bullying in any form!

This one is going to be more serious. 

I have been doing a lot of reading in the last couple of days.  I found a few sites that I like and will post the links later.

What is truly upsetting is that so many don’t realize what happened to this poor girl.  So many don’t realize that the “blackmailer who sent the pictures” was NOT a bully, he was a pedophile.  A grown man going after a 12 year old girl! 

Yesterday I asked what happened to this man for what he did.  Well I guess he got away, wasn't put in jail! Heard this on the news about a hacker group thinks they found him and the police are looking in to it.  I don't agree with them publishing the info they found, they should have given it to the police.  This group should have just posted that they think they found him(in case they where wrong) and info sent to the police.  The guy said yes he had the pictures but he never bullied her (although he his guilty of child pornography and maybe blackmail).  Here is the article:

 The bullies are the one who taunted and scared this little girl.  For years.  They should be punished.  The schools she attended should have a mandatory course on what abuse and bullying can do.  I know not everyone was involved.  The ones who did nothing may have been afraid to speak up for fear of reprisals.  They should have realized as a group they could have halted it, without violence and then reported it.  The “boy” and his girlfriend, bullies yes but far worse I believe that is a form of sexual abuse and  then physical abuse.  They went out of their way to seduce this now troubled young girl, than they beat her up for it.  All those involved should be punished.  Those who watched and did nothing should pay for that also.  Then they left her there, by herself, with no help.  Who leaves an injured person like that?

I love this, it is so true and words for all to live by!  I got this from:   

Why are our children becoming so uncaring?  What are we doing to teach them that?  What makes them think they are better than everyone else? Even adults?  I believe they think they are smarter.  They know more than most adults realize.  I have seen preteens do and say things that would shock me if an adult did or said it.  Some of the things they might learn at home or school.  But I believe they are learning from each other. 

There are a lot of good kids out there, and if we want them to grow to be good adults we have to stop the bullying and any who will harm them. 

I found this definition of a bully:

bul·ly1 [bool-ee] noun, plural bul·lies, verb, bul·lied, bul·ly·ing, adjective, interjection  noun

1.      a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.
Some outdated means are:
2.      Archaic. a man hired to do violence.
3.  Obsolete. a pimp; procurer.
4.  Obsolete. good friend; good fellow.
5.  Obsolete. sweetheart; darling.

Now here is cyberbully:

cy·ber·bul·ly  [sahy-ber-bool-ee]  verb (used without object), verb (used with object), cy·ber·bul·lied, cy·ber·bul·ly·ing

1.    to bully online by sending or posting mean messages, usually anonymously: The 12-year-old had been cyberbullied for almost a year.

How ironic it says “12-year-old”.  The one thing I don’t see in these definitions is untruths.  How many young people (and adults) go online and see that their classmates/friends/family are saying they did something or said something they didn't say or do.  And then others pass it on and before you know it “everyone believes” and then people they don't know are pacing it on, the bullying starts.  The sad part about this is many say ignore it, your real friends and family know the truth.  Young people thrive on friends and try to make new ones all the time, that’s how they grow and hopefully learn, how can they if this is out there.  For some reason kids (and adults) believe everything they read even on the internet.  And many will not take the time to know someone, to realize what they read was a lie.  These situations harden youths and adults.  They stop believing anything they see. When someone does tell the truth, they don’t believe them.  When someone who is hurting cries out for help, no one listens.  Amanda cried for help by posting that video but it never drew attention she needed until she died.  I can imagine some of the terrible things she must have read after she posted that video. It makes me cry just thinking about it.  I find it hard to believe that not one of her fellow students (from any of the schools she attended) didn't see this video and not try to help her or tell their parents. If the parents said she is just trying to get attention, the kids could have told someone at school a teacher, counselor. These kids knew it was truth!  If they did tell someone I they didn't do anything, what is that teaching these children?

We teach our kids not to take candy from a stranger, not to talk to strangers or get in their cars.  We do this to keep them safe.  Why can’t we teach them that the internet is always safe? Like radiation.  Good when used properly for killing cancer but deadly if used wrong. Or like the burner on the stove is good for heat and cooking food but don’t put your hand on it.  Everything good has a bad side that is the way of the world.  They have all this knowledge and no way to process it.  When in doubt they act, they don’t think of the repercussions, they probably don’t know them.  We have to teach them that what they see isn't always right.  Everyone has it or is doing it, doesn't make it right!  Teach them when in doubt; ask!  

Here are a few sites that might interest you:  some good internet safety tips here

I hope that some will get use out of these links and remember to pass them on.  I will have a link section just for internet safety on the left of my blog.  I will be keeping my eyes open for more, if you have a site you think should be on the list please let me know.

Well good-bye for now, thanks for listening, remember pass the word.
 Stop Bullying! 

Good News Ziggy has a Home!

I have some good news!  Ziggy was adopted Oct 15, 2012!

I want to thank everyone who shared!  I will go tomorrow and pick the next cat/kitten but for now you can always check out:  

Here are 2 stories’ you can check out about the District Humane Society’s adoption centre at Seaway Mall.  Great idea!!!

This next story is about the 100 adoption J

 I will write again soon just wanted to spread some good news!   

As always will post links for the stories under: Links from Posts.

Thanks for listening!

Monday, 15 October 2012

For Amanda Todd

I can’t believe what I have been seeing and hearing today!

On the news and the internet! Some of the comments I have seen. Shameful!  Is this what we are teaching?  Who cares?  It is her fault?

A young girl commits suicide because she believed that her life was not worth living.  The pain she has lived through in the last few years made it impossible for her to believe things could get better.  The glimmer of hope from a boy turned into a nightmare!  He and his girlfriend should be punished as well as all the others involved. 

The schools are not doing anything to teach kids that treating others like trash are harmful, damaging. (I believe schools and parents should be teaching this) Every school she went to the problem rose again.  What about the parents and guardians of the students causing her pain, they agree with how their charges dealt with her?  We hear stories like this all the time but it isn't stopping.  It is getting worse!

It started when she was 12 yrs. old.  On the news they say a man convinced her to take off her top.  Really a man asks a 12 year old to take off her top and she is blamed for it?  Than more or less blackmails her and still it is her fault?  He passes the pictures around to people she knows and loves, and it is her fault?  I DON’T THINK SO!!  

What happened to this man?  Is he in Jail?  How come someone wasn't at that school, teaching these children the dangers of chat rooms, the internet and cell phones (e.g. sex-ting) Explaining what can happen.  (Has happened).  There are predators out their waiting for them.  Not all of them adults.  Tell them to report people asking them to do things.  If not to their parents, then have a site set up.  I bet a lot of these kids don’t want their parents knowing they were even in a chat room.  They should also tell them that it isn't their fault if they fall for these deranged people.  They are children; all they want is approval, acceptance which is what predators offer.  Come on, even adults have fallen for creeps like these!

The only difference between Amanda and others is she wasn't physically harmed by this creep, if she was, would they still blamed her?  He did enough damage but her fellow students more or less finished her off.  They did even more damage than he did.  Made her live miserable until she moved and then another group of kids decided to start where the others left off. The boy and his girlfriend I hope they throw the book at them, and all that where there and participated and even the ones who didn't do anything to stop it.

I saw one comment on Facebook about making real live friends.  Considering how things played out do you think she would have found a real friend?  Seems like the few she had turned on her.

I saw one comment on YouTube “who cares”, come on really, are they that uncaring?  I care! Others also care.  We should all care!  We are losing young people, our future.  There are a lot of good kids out there but every day they are becoming outnumbered.

All these kids who went along with the group and bully and teased and harassed this young girl are going to grow up to be adults.  (Plus many more that we don’t know about).  Are these the kind of people you want representing you?  Watching over you and your children, teaching them and your grandchildren?  Making laws?  Running schools, churches, government?

Now they are saying they don’t want to criminalize Cyber-Bullying. I thought we already had laws against bullying of ANY kind.  Our children aren't worth criminalizing bullying?  Well I think they are!  Every adult out there should want to protect the young!  You shouldn't have to be related, we are all, of the human race, aren't we?  They are all our young. Even in the wild animals protect the young!  We have to punish those who do wrong, even the young.  Or they will grow to adults and the cycle continues. 

Needless to say I will be watching to see what happens. 
I want the world to help me and others spread the word. 
Bullying of Any Kind Not Acceptable!!!  

I feel for Amanda’s family, that they have to see some of the terrible thing posted (including the “famed pictures”) I hope they realize that there are those of us who want this kind of thing to stop.  I hope they do criminalize Bullying, and make it “Amanda’s Law”.  It saddens me that she took her life but let us hope her story saves many more.

Please no matter what country you live in please share!  Lets get the word out to everyone!
No to bullying!!!!!!
Thank You very much,
Alice M 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Things to make you Smile

Today I thought I would lighten it up a little. 

I have been on Facebook for a few years now and it never fails to surprise to see some of the pictures they post.  Some are cute and others just funny.  I will give you the links to a few pages so that you can see them. I will post one picture from each page with the page link under it.  Keep in mind that I am picking a picture at random (from under photos), the first one from each page I like.

Last but not least here is a link to this show I found a little while ago on YouTube.  I like it. :}  N2 the Talking Cat

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

See you all tomorrow!



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