Saturday, 17 November 2012

Little Boy and Foxy and....

Been so busy so tonight some pictures of my cats!  :)  They like to sleep together, a lot!

 This is Foxy in her favorite basket on the fridge and her favorite toy is q-tips.



 This is Little Boy.
 That tag actually says Enjoy Life!
He loves wearing scarves and collars, he is weird, this is the one that had toilet paper (one of his favorite toys) in his collar for 36 hours. LOL.

 This is Little Boy, Sweetie (his brother) and Baby (the tortoise-shell).

Baby is very cuddly, she likes to be petted and like her mother, when she meows you see her mouth moving but you can barely hear her. :)

This is Sweetie, he really doesn't like to get his picture taken, he always looks funny.
Plus he thinks he is a dog. :-)

Well I will be back tomorrow!
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Thursday, 15 November 2012

2 yrs old loves Elvis

Sorry put the wrong video! Added the right one, it is the first video I want to share, he is dancing to "The Jailhouse Rock"

2 year old William Stokkebroe dancing

This is so cute on a scale 1-10, I give it 15!!!!!!!!
Hope you like it! :))

Thanks for your time,
Alice M

Cameras Everywhere?

Hi all! Sorry but have been busy, but have a few days off. J

I have been pretty busy doing research for “4 a Better World 2morrow! Alice's World!”  Boy it takes a lot of time but worth it if it keeps people aware and helps others. 

The more I find out about some of these kids, the more it makes me realize that bullying HAS to stop!  The kids that I am finding are really young 10/11 yrs. old!  They are just starting to live and their life is over because other kids think it is funny to call them names and harass them. 

When I talk with people I know, I realize that many don’t understand what I am trying to do.  That makes what I am doing even more important.  Everyone needs to see what I am seeing.  If they did maybe they would see that it is everyone’s responsibly to protect our young, and teach them that bullying will never be tolerated.  We have to get people away from thinking “ah there only kids”, “they will grow out of it” or my favorite “they are just bored they need to do more sports etc.”  These are excuses!  If they get away with it now what kind of person will they grow up to be?  Maybe the rare one will grow out of it and realize it is wrong but for the most part they will grow up and bully people all their lives.  They will continue to treat others with no respect and expect to get whatever they want by whatever means they deem acceptable.  What about their kids?  Will they grow up to be like them?  They see their parent/s doing it and getting away with it so why can’t they.  Even now there are those that get away with bullying coworkers, neighbors and even friends.  In the work place it is worse; we need to work to survive, but one person pushing people around without any regard to how it is affecting others, makes going to work stressful.  These people usually punish everyone if anyone points out what they are doing.  They have no respect for coworkers or even the company they work for.  They can make your dream job a living hell.

I am beginning to understand why some say we need cameras everywhere.   In schools if a child is being bullied it seems that either it is being ignored or both the bully and the victim are punished.  That isn't right.  I do realize that it may be hard to prove who is doing what, so it seems the answer is cameras.  Which then means that it will stop at school, but what about away from school?  It seems that maybe we need cameras everywhere, how sad is that?

 If we had cameras everywhere imagine what would happen.  Crime rate down, bullying almost impossible, drivers obeying the rules of the road, kidnapping down and no more workers standing around doing nothing, customers being treated with respect- you get the picture?

If people actually acted like the intelligent beings we claim to be, we wouldn’t need such drastic measures.  It really is said. L 

Well I do have to go but I found a site that may interest you or someone you know.  It is called  I just heard about it recently and if you know someone with cancer it may be useful to you and them.

One more thing before I go.  If you or someone you know would be interested in helping with my blog “4 a Better World 2morrow! Alice's World!”  (

Please contact me here or at: or, or feel free to leave a comment.

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


You should check out this blog she is a really good artist, I know you will like it!
Alice M

I love animals! A few smiles and laughs!

Hi everyone!  I needed to take a break from research i was doing for other site.  I need to laugh, smile.  Thought you could use a smile too.  So I am sharing what i found!

  I got these from various sites.  I hope you enjoy!!

Lily is a Great Dane that has been blind since a bizarre medical condition required that she have both eyes removed. For the last 5 years, Maddison, another Great Dane, has been her sight. The two are, of course, inseparable.
(Click link above to see more.)


Cat hates his reflection

Well I hope they made you smile and laugh!!
I know I needed to see them. :)

Cute fact!!!!!!!

This year, December has 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays.



This only happens once every 824 years.
The Chinese call it the Money Bag.

Thanks, Back later,
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Monday, 12 November 2012

LOL Cats and water!!!!!

This is great! first time I seen it today!!  
You may have seen it too it has a lot of hits, but worth seeing again!

Uploaded by  on Jul 8, 2011
Music: Nicoleta Dara - Is it true.

I hope you  enjoyed that!! I know I did!

See you soon, thanks for coming by,
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Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Great Performance, I love Elvis!

Last night I had a real great time with good music.  My hubby was driving by a sign and noticed it said Elvis on it and found out an Elvis impersonator was preforming here in Welland, so we decided to go. 

The show was at  Welland Community Wellness Complexand is called Elvis-"The Moments"  The entertainer was Pete Paquette.

He performed with Rudy and the Angels.

The Complex has an auditorium, not a large one but big enough for shows.  The performer was young but incredibly talented.  The show was something to watch, full of energy, I got tired just watching him!  “Elvis” talked and interacted with the audience.  It was amazing to hear him talk, he sounded like Elvis even then.  Pete’s singing was so close to Elvis you almost think you are really seeing Elvis (a young version).  He was very entertaining, with tidbits on Elvis and he also possesses a great sense of humor.  And we must not forget the wardrobe, which he changed several times.  He also played many popular Elvis songs and says he is working on a new show, with more songs, for next year.  

And it looks like he will be back next year! I cannot wait.  Pete Paquette and Rudy and the Angels band are performing again on November 30, 2012 at Mississauga Meadowvale Theater Mississauga, Ont. 

Here are some of Pete Paquette’s achievements:  

Rudy and the Angels are also great in their own right. The music was exceptional and the singers really did have voices like Angels.   There was also a dancer (Pete’s wife) her performance was unexpected but beautiful.

I did learn one thing I am going to have to get a camera; I was too far away to get any good shots of the performance, as you can see for yourself below, although you can hear him sing. J


I do hope that today everyone got a chance to Remember Those who have served and lost their lives for us.

Here is a good article on Remembrance Day:  Remembrance Day: Lest we forget

The numbers are so sad and that is just the Canadians L

Thanks for dropping by!

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