Saturday, 1 December 2012

New cats from the Cat Adoption Centre

This is Frito and B.B.
They cannot be separated. 
To adopt both $200, Including being fixed and shots. 


This is Burt, He is cute with little white paws and really friendly.

This is Burt again wth the big cat Asphalt, she is the big black cat, she looks like my Sweetie!!!

This is Lydia. 
 Isn't she beautiful with her long fur and very playful too!

This is Tazz, Sophie and Clara. 
These kittens are friendly and playful too but where a little tired by the time I got there.

Asphalt again.

Sahara she is so beautiful too!

Sarafina, love her coloring and friendly as well.

Asphalt again, sorry it is out of order, but really love this one too.   

 Thanks for dropping by!  Please share someone around here may see and adopt one!!

A quick note, almost back to normal!

Hi all just dropping in to say hello and share this video I got in my email. 
 I think you will like it.

Say Merry Christmas - Vocal Carrie Rinderer and the American Christian Life United

Here a few more pictures of my sister's cats.
  Plus a special one I just got today. 
This is Kasha, my sister's oldest cat.

And this is Se7en again.

This picture I would like to share. 
 It is of my father and mother on their wedding day.
  I just got it today from my godmother. 
 I only have a few pictures of my father, he passed away when I was real young.
It was taken in 1960.

I wish my mother was still with us.
She would have loved to have seen this, she probably hasn't seen it since just after it was taken.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

cute videos and fixing my pc

Hi all!  Still trying to set up my laptop. Almost finished downloading all the apps and updates (109 Window updates in 1 1/2 years).  The window updates I did first. 

 So today will share some videos I found.  This first one made me cry.   First in sadness when I realized what we are doing to these poor animals, then happiness when they where freed.  How can we lock these poor creatures up without sunlight or allowing them outside.  Is there nothing to low for a human to do???

I am glad there are those out there freeing these poor creatures.

Beagles See Sun and Grass for the First Time After a Life in a Laboratory 

Well here are some more videos of Oskar the blind cat!

Oskar the Blind Cat Playing on the Bed

Now these two cats are funny don't worry they will not fight but check out what stops the argument!!!!

And this one ism real cute!!!  They must have met before!! LOL!!!

Squirrel plays with cat

Okay hope you enjoyed them, back tomorrow!!!

Share if you like them!
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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Safe and sound!

Hi all just wanted to drop a line to you all.  The missing kids I posted yesterday have been found safe and sound last night.

I would have told you all earlier but ran into a problem with my laptop.  Had to restore to original version, think I picked up a virus or maybe my laptop got to hot, but now it seems to be working, so now I must update everything again.  :)

So I will be back later.

Here is a few pictures my Sister took of her baby, Se7en and our cousin's dog, Claire.


Claire on the left and Se7en on the right


Thanks for dropping by !
Alice M



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