Saturday, 15 December 2012

OK laughed too hard!!!

Started watching this video 
and laughed so hard stomach hurt 
and eyes watering!!!!!!!

Funny Cats


I hope you like it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alice M

Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Beautiful Surprise!!!!!!

I was so surprised today.  
A very happy surprise and the timing couldn’t have been better!  
A lovely soul sent me one of her beautiful crows!!  
Here it is a baby crow, 
Titled "Winter Fun"

Her work is so beautiful and when I saw it and the card with a note a big smile crossed my face and it reminded me that there are truly nice people out there!!

Here is the card!

So Thank you so very much Magic Love Crow you lifted my spirit.  ;~)   
It is the best gift I have gotten in a long time and I will always cherish it!!!

You can see her work for yourself, just click on her name, And I am sure you will agree that her  pictures are wonderful !!!

Thank you again!!!!!!


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Alice M

Lets stop bullies!!! For the Future!!!!!

Hi everyone!  Sorry been pretty busy.  Now have even more to do, I really wish this woman would just forget that me and mine even existed.  She is truly amazing, what kind of person thinks like this?

Since we have people we love, we are jealous of her freedom, because neither of us drive we are selfish, and for some reason if you work for most of your adult life (that includes raising 2 children and a job outside of the house) and no longer work you are a lazy bum with no values.  If you can post every day you don’t have a job.  If you have no money at Christmas to buy expensive presents you are cheap and not worth her time.  If you say something she doesn’t like you are obviously high on crack.  If you stand up to her you are crazy and need to be locked up. 

How can anyone think that way and believe those things?  What kind of values are these?  Is this what she is teaching to those around her?

This is the perfect example of what we don’t want to teach our young.  This is the kind of behavior we need to stop.  Our future is lost if we can’t put an end to this now.  More people have to stand up to these bullies.   Everyone needs to stand up and face these people. 

It bothers me when people say ignore them they will stop.  Really, I have ignored this woman and the result?  Two months later she attacks me again.  Not just me but my family as well. 

Some may think we can’t stop these people.  You are wrong.  I find that you can’t do it alone.  Sometimes you have to drag these people into a court room screaming and kicking.  It is funny that when a bully threatens you with police or court, your best bet is to be ready to do that yourself.

Print, copy and record any contact.

Never stoop to their level by calling them names, swearing or lying
Never say anything you cannot prove.

Do your research; check what options are open to you.  Check for the rules, requirements and all the fees involved for suing.  There are different levels of court here in Canada and in the States.  Make sure you are reading the correct information for your area.

If you are having problems with this, talk with a lawyer.  If you can’t afford one find one that will give a free consultation.   Here in Canada you can apply for ½ hour free to consult.  Make sure you know what you need to ask.  Is it worth taking them to court?  Which level should I chose?  If I win can I ask for costs plus damages?  Can I call witnesses to prove the character of the bully?

If you are prepared and know what is involved than you have no need to fear.  The worst that can happen is you lose.  But you still win.  Everyone will know what they have done.  You will be prepared the next time, if not for yourself, for their next victim.  Trust me there will be another victim, bullies need victims to make them feel good, to blame all their failures on. 

If you keep and record everything they do it will be hard not to win.  Remember record, don’t lower yourself to their level and never say anything you cannot prove.

Find someone to talk with.  Don’t let the bully scare you or ruin your health.  That why these sites are here, to help. 

Well I need to go, I have to work tomorrow.  Remember to make a better world we need to stop those that abuse and bully people.  We need to wipe bullies of all forms from this world.  We need to teach children that abuse in any form is unacceptable!!

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Alice M

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Gingerbread Train

Hi everyone!!   

Every year I try to do something at Christmas that I make myself for a decoration.  I got an idea last year that I wanted to do.  Make a gingerbread house.  I have never made one before.  Now I didn't want to bake it, seemed like too much work (and could get expensive).  So in the new year I kept my eyes open for after Christmas sales.  I knew I wanted to spray it so I could keep it for a while.  Well in March I got lucky!  I found a gingerbread house on sale for $2.00!! (It was about to expire.)  That didn't matter to me because had no intention of eating it.  ;~)

Well while I was looking at it I also found a train, and it was only $2.00 too!  So I thought go for it have a train and a house!  Why not; it was only going to cost me $4.00.
I was so happy, get to try something new and get nice decorations too. 

Three weeks ago I went to Winners and saw a gingerbread tree!  It wasn't on sale (have only so much money for decorations) but I figured I could make one from gingerbread cookies.  Now I figured that should be hard to find some cheap cookies.  True to life, I couldn't find any gingerbread!  Went back to Winners figured I could find a way to by the kit.  Of course none left.  Figures!  I did see a Santa and sleigh so I bought it because I thought it would look good with what I had.

Today I went back just to see what was on sale.  I found a kit for the tree.  The last one!  And it was $3.00 cheaper.

So now I have the house, train, tree and Santa with sleigh.  I also have a tiny gingerbread house I found at the dollar store for $2.00.  I now have a tiny village.

Tonight I finished the train (promised a few people I would post pictures) so here is a picture of the train’s box (what it is supposed to look like):

This is what mine looks like (from different angles): 

Mine’s a little different because there wasn't enough candy in the box to do what was on the cover, so I improvised!  I like turned out better than I thought for my first try.  ;~) 

I hope you like it too! 

I will post pictures after I finish each piece and when the village is done.

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PS Sis this is a picture of that sunflowers I got from the dollar store that I put over my kitchen sink.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

What happened to think before you speak?

Okay I have to say something here about these two DJs who made the “so called” prank phone call. (Or anyone else who thinks this is funny)

Prank phone calls of any sort are not funny, and I can’t see how people think they are.

My ex used to have people call and say they were calling from the police or the hospital to say he was hurt or in jail.  They were drinking and for some reason thought this was a funny joke.

To call someone up and scare them or cause worry (and unnecessary stress) is cruel and unhealthy.  One of the worst side effects of this kind of joke is it causes the receiver of this joke not to believe any calls that do come in that are valid. At the time I used to receive these calls we didn't have call display. 

Twice I received phone calls, one from the hospital and one from the police and did not believe what they were telling me, thought they were more prank calls.  I actually hung up on the police officer and he called back and gave me a phone number to call him back.

That was not funny!  The sad part is it never stopped them from making these calls.  Eventually we got call display, great invention!!!  Now I rarely answer the phone unless I see a phone number. 

All of this because of these so called prank phone calls.

Now these DJs thought it would be funny to call a hospital and pretend to be the Queen.  Why is this funny?  I do not see the humor.
One they are calling a hospital and trying to get personal medical information on the new royal couple. 
Two they are pretending to be one of the most famous people in the world, and the most famous in England!  I am sure that most people would not recognize the voice of the Queen on the phone.

They put that nurse in a very stressful spot!  If she questioned the so called Queen, and it turned out to really be the queen she would have been upset that she didn't recognize the voice of her Queen.  If the phones in the hospital there are like here, there is a good chance she didn't see the number the call was coming from (probably would have been blocked for security reasons if she could see it).  She couldn't hang up for fear it really was the Queen. 
Still not funny!

Then asking about Kate’s health and the baby, not funny either, they asked the nurse to give out information that the nurse knew was sensitive and private. 
What is funny about this??
Giving the caller the benefit of doubt she gave them information that put her job on the line!  In the end she was put in a spot that she was finding very hard to get out of.  Should she tell the caller the information or call the Queen a liar, that she really wasn't the queen.

The ideal answer would be to transfer the call or have the caller, call Kate’s doctor directly or call her boss over to take the call.  If it was the queen, she did her job, if it wasn't than she took the chance of having the doctor or her boss wondering why they were being bothered by a obvious prank.

The poor woman’s head must have been spinning.  What do I do?  Insult the Queen or answer the questions?
Okay still not seeing the humor!

This call was wrong on every level!!!  Plus after the call they got so many comments and time on the news.  Do you think that kids saw the danger in the call or thought Wow! Can we do that and get on the news too?  Hay! If adults can do it why can’t we?

I really hope that people take this seriously.  I cannot think of a punishment that does justice to what they have done, and the results of this call.  I do hope they are punished for their practical joke they pulled at work!  (Sorry but spur of the moment is not an apology or excuse!) I hope that others learn from this.

 Please share and take another step to a better world!!!

Do you agree with me?   Or do you think I am over reacting?

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A Shelter for H.A.R.T. | Aviva Community Fund

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Book update and one (eBook) to give away :)

Well hello again!!  Sorry but have been very busy and next week will be another long one.  Trying to get apartment ready for Christmas.  Working on a gingerbread village. :-)  I am using kits that I have bought that are expired, figured it can`t be eaten can use to decorate.  I want to spray it with a crystal clear finish so that it will last a few years, this way can add pieces every year and replace any when the need arises.  When I finished will post picture.

The little spare time I have I use to read. on the fourth book of John Carter of Mars(1-5) by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  It is great surprised at how long ago it was written, but will get into it in more detail when I finish the 5 book.

I am also reading Dressed To Kill:  The Link Between Brest Cancer and Bras By Soma GrismaijerSydney Ross Singer.  I am just over half way through and I have to tell you it was quite a surprise to read.  Not only is it well written but it flows beautifully, he could have wrote books for a living.  It is also easy to read, not a lot of words that you would have to be looking up constantly, he uses words that us regular joes can understand.  Now  would normally be finished reading this book but I didn't want to rush through it.  I read a bit everyday and give my mind a chance to absorb what I am reading.  Now you would think that would be easy to do but it truly is hard to put down.  Will let you know more after I finish reading it.

I really think that everyone should read this book, it gives some really thoughtful insight.  So I have decided to do something special

Since everyone who reads this is using some form of computer (laptop, tablet even phone) I have decided to buy one eBook copy of :   
 Dressed To Kill:  The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras,
and give it away to someone.  To enter this contest all you have to do is join this site,(you dont have to have a blog to join!) you will find it on the right of this page.  I will draw a name from the members on Dec 27, 2012.  I will than email the winner and get the email address that they want the eBook sent to.  So good luck all!

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