Saturday, 22 December 2012

Gingerbread Village

Hi!!   I fell a little better so finished today!!
The Gingerbread Village is done!!
Everything made from candy except base.
Finished the house today see:

(Few different views)

Here is the Village! 
It is the first time I ever made anything like this.  
I hope you like it.  


Forgot to put the candy canes in Santa's Sleigh, had to add them. 

After Christmas will spray again to make sure everything is cover and store for next year.

Now to decorate some cookies!
 (that we can eat!!!!)

Thanks for dropping by! Please come again!!!
Alice M

All they want is a Purr~fect home for Christmas!

Three more days to shop for Christmas, maybe a new furry friend will complete your home!  Check a shelter or Humane Society by you!!

These are from the Cat Adoption Centre at the Seaway Mall.  First time I seen so long furred cats!  ;~)

Normally I would write something about the cats but I feel real sick.  If I hadn’t had the flu shot I probably would feel a lot worse.  
So here are the beautiful cats!!

Here are the adoption numbers since they opened in April this year!!!

Will be back when I feel better!  
Please share!!!! 
Thank you!!!
Thanks for dropping by!
Alice M



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