Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Paintings

Hi all!

Thought I would show you what I have been doing this week or so.

Last year some of you might remember my Christmas project, my ginger bread Village.
 (I have another gingerbread house that I intend to do next week to add to the Village) 


  This year I have another project.
8 Paintings.
I have been collecting them for a couple of years.
I bought them at the dollar store.
The canvas has a Christmas drawing and all you have to do is paint them.
Four are more or less done.
The other four I am still working on.

Here the are, even the unfinished ones.
The first four are finished but thinking of adding a little more glitter before I spray them.

 These next 2 are almost done.

Still trying to figure out what color to put on the inside of the fire place etc.

 This one needs a little work, trying to fix the colors and add glitter.

And this last one I don't like the colors so still needs lots of work.

When they are all done will show you them again.

One year I made Christmas tree decorations. (painted ceramic and wooden ones).

Will have to think of what to do next year. ;)

See you all soon.

Hope everyone is doing well, and ready (or almost ready) for Christmas.
Remember the best gifts come from the heart not the wallet.

Alice M
 PS:  Remember the Christmas Giveaway!  Enter to win a red satin throw pillow case here.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Music! Christmas Music!

I love Music!
All different kinds!
I have a very big collection of CD's and cassettes (I know old school).
Every thing from classic to rock.  Just added more Blues(4 CD), Jazz(4 CD), Soul (4 CD), Paul McCartney(2 CD), Black Sabbath  and B. B. King(2 CD) plus a 2 CD set from 1975, that was in the last month.  All with original singers.
One day would love to make cassettes into CD's but the method I have now takes time, lots of time, but it can be done.   I can play the cassettes through my PC, but involves sound card player and a cord.
I need better software for the conversion process.
 Waiting for a cassettes player(with software) that can be hooked up to my PC through a USB port. (Like they have for the records)

I have lots of Christmas music too.
Anyways, yesterday at work I heard a song.
First time I ever heard it.

It is by Train (I actually have one of their CD's as well).

The song is Shake Up Christmas by Train.

I found this video of the song from Youtube.
This should work on Mobile Phones (the first video I had on here did not so switched to this one)

Listen to the words!

I hope you liked it!
(Looks great in full screen!)

See you soon!
Alice M

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Check out this Giveaway!

Christmas Giveaway!
from Lil'shy

A chance to win a Red Satin 14" throw pillow case!
Here is a picture of the material and of the case on a pillow (hopefully will be getting a better picture for Lil'shy soon)


So enter the giveaway, it runs from today to December 26, 2013 at 12:00 am.

Right now there is at least 12 chances for entries.  
This may actually increase if they find more people to share the giveaway on their blogs.

So come back and check to see if more chances to enter are available.

Good Luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 18 November 2013

Busy, busy, busy and new things!

Sorry I haven't been around but worked 7 days in a row, than spent Saturday and Sunday trying to relax. 

I wanted to share some things I got at the Kountry Kraft Show about a week ago.
First I got this new scarf for Foxy.
This is Foxy wearing it ;) 

This stuffed homemade kitty with pillow.
Sorry but did not get a card for this one or a name.
I bought this 2 magnets from Shotz by Kelsey. 
If I find a web site or facebook page for her will let you know.  
  Here are two cards that I got at the craft show.
We bought something from both booths.
   This lady makes necklaces and ceramic buttons etc.
Here is her Facebook page, Black Mud Studio.  On Etsy Black Mud Pottery Studio.
This is one of her necklaces, but my sister is using it to decorate her curtain.
(we both seem to use things different than what they are made for)
 This is where the curtain is, in her living room. 
This next card is from the lady I got my new ring from.
Actually sister bought me this butterfly ring as part a my Christmas present.
She also bought herself some wooden roses.  
Aren't they pretty!  And the are made of wood!
 I bought 2 mystery bags (money raised for Help a Child Smile)
This is bag 1.
 This one was bag 2.

Well that is it for now.
It looks like I will be working more for the next few weeks, someone is on sick leave for a while.
Be back soon.

Alice M(Aj) 

Friday, 8 November 2013

Margaret "Peggy" Bowman

For My Aunt Peggy, the Matriarch of my family,
who I am sad to announce, 
passed away on November 6, 2013 at the age of 94. 
She was my Grandfather's younger sister, 
he would have been 100 in January of this year (2013).

We will miss you Aunt Peggy!

Love always

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Kountry Kraft Show!!!!!!

Over 50 crafters no store bought items.
There will be a penny table, plus mystery bags and the proceeds will be going to the Help a Child Smile & Eastdale Breakfast Club.
They will also be accepting non perishable foods etc for the Hope House.

It is on for 2 days, November 9 and 10 at 9 am to 4 pm.
Great place to pick up unique Christmas gifts etc.
Even Lil'shy will be there!
Check out the pictures of some of Lil'shy new fabrics!

If you are in the area check it out!

Alice M 

Friday, 25 October 2013

I did it!

Well Thursday I got my first tattoo!
My sister was going to go with me, but had other things to do.
I was supposed to get the tattoo on Wednesday 
but I got called into work so I was able to reschedule for Thursday.

The lady who did my tattoo was very nice and did not make me nervous at all.
I went to a Sleepy Hollow Studios here is Welland.

So here is a picture, my sister really wants to see it, so I promised I would post it here.
Plus so my readers can see it too.
 Remember these were taken about 5 hours after it was done.
I had it put on my right arm.

Once it is healed I will post another picture.

Well I have to go see if boyfriend needs anything, his shingles has proven to be very painful for him, hopefully his medication will allow him to get some much needed sleep. (and me too!)

Looks like I have to wait until November 2 before I am free of chicken pox, although the incubation period for adults is about 14 to 16 days (which ends Monday) but can be up to 21 days.

Well I hope everyone is doing okay and having a nice day!

Alice M

PS The building I live in is putting in automated doors for the handicapped in the building.  They started installing them today (Thursday).


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Well I guess the 2 weeks is not up yet ;(

What I did not tell you in my last post was that my boyfriend started getting pains in his left arm and had this red mark on it.  I thought that maybe he pulled a muscle or something.  I started on my birthday. By Wednesday it was not better so he went to the doctor.  They sent him to the hospital for a bunch of test.  But they could not find anything.

Friday he showed me that there were more marks and it still hurt really bad.  I checked online for pictures of bites etc.  Though maybe shingles but the pictures did not look like what he had.  Finally I called him and told him to go back to his doctor because they will be closed for the long weekend.  He did not get there until 5 pm and she was already gone. (he did not go right away because he was working)

Well yesterday he went back to the hospital because the marks where appearing all the way down to his hand.

Guess what?
It was shingles!  All the pictures on the internet I found were after the blisters had started.

Now he is happy he knows what is wrong, but the pain and itching is not very fun.
The doctor says that the pain can last up to 6 months after the shingles are gone.

Now shingles is not contagious, you can not catch shingles.
But you can catch chicken pox from someone with shingles.

Guess what?
To my knowledge I have never had chicken pox!
Asked my sister and she doesn't remember either.
I remember having measles, and mumps etc but not chicken pox.

He became contagious yesterday so now I am on watch.
God I hope I had chicken pox when I was a young baby, to young to remember,
 because I really don't want them now.  

And if I didn't I can be a carrier of the chicken pox so have to be careful of the children and others I come in contact with.  Chicken pox is more contagious and for longer period of time than shingles.
Also physical contact is not needed with chicken pox.  Shingles needs a form of contact, something they have had contact with or direct contact with the person, to spread the chicken pox virus.

So, please, cross fingers that I have had chicken pox!

Now on a happy note.

Check out the earrings I got for my birthday from Karen (boyfriend's daughter)
Cat Earrings!
Aren't they beautiful!
And sparkly!
Can not wait to wear them!

Plus I got this card from the people I work with:
Kitty again!
I love cats!!!!
Plus it even had money in it.
Another Webkins, maybe a cat this time?
Will let you know!

Well time to go.
Have to find something to wrap boyfriends arm with for tomorrow.
Used the gaze I had already, and stores not open tomorrow here.

Don't eat to much!
Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it!

And have a nice day tomorrow for those who are not!


Saturday, 12 October 2013

A long 2 weeks!

Hi everyone!

Sorry have not been on, but seems like ran out of time.  For the first week I was working the last 4 days, which means had to do a thorough cleaning of my kitchen and bathroom, top to bottom, because our building has a Pharaoh Ant problem and the exterminators were coming on Oct 7 & 8 to bait the whole building.

Than to top it all off I went to the doctors on Thursday (the second day of work) and found out I had a lung infection.  So found out I felt like crap because I was sick.  Really thought that it was stress from the ants (they are not normal and really small plus you can not spray them or they make new nests)  everywhere I went in my apartment was looking for them and killing the ones I saw, I really hate ants!  On a happy note have not seen an ant for just over a day!

Last day of work was Saturday and spent Sunday catching up with my sleep and shows(new season started).

Than Monday was my birthday! (yep the exterminators where starting on my birthday lol).  It was a good day though.  My boyfriend surprised me with a cake, fudge and a big bouquet of flowers plus money for a gift.  Than he took me to bingo and the casino and out for dinner!

I did not take pictures of the flowers when I got them, but waited until the opened a bit more.  The bouquet was big enough for two vases and three little ones (2 for the bathroom) and my wall vase.  Here are some of the pictures.

 These next two are the same vase, aren't they beautiful?

 This is the second big vase.
I really love flowers!
  These next 2 are the bathroom ones, I took a picture of each where the belong 
and than another for each for a better view.

 This is the third little vase, I put in my computer room where the cats could not get it. :)
    And last but not least my wall vase.
(I got it at the dollar store for $2!- I bought 4 of them ;))
I also got some beautiful pet bed cases from my sister (will post pictures tomorrow of them) wait till you see them!  My sister is very talented!  Plus she gave me some gift cards to indulge myself with my games on Facebook. ;)  Plus a birthday card with a picture of me and her when we were little.
Plus one of my neighbors, a very nice woman, gave me a pkg of cupcakes and a gift card for the mall.
These cupcakes were fantastic!
And with the gift card I bought these (I add a few dollars from the money my boyfriend gave me to buy the dog, Chow Chow-Gwen- on the left)

 The one on the right is a Hyena (I named it Doreen after the lady who gave her to me.)

This next one I bought with my boyfriends money, her name is Bella.

 With these 3 animals I now have over 64 Webkins.

I started collecting them when my brother-in-law gave me a Webkins Christmas Hamster for Christmas in 2010.  Joined Webkins in Jan 2011, and now they are on Facebook as well!

Webkins have some neat games on their site, Great for children to learn things including how to use a PC.
Some of my favorite games are Cash Cow and Home Before Dark.

The Miniature Dachshund is part of their Signature Collection, some of the best stuffed animals I have ever seen!  Will post the ones I have one day and I know you will agree.

I have other presents coming too, one was ordered on line - and she will not tell me what it is and the other I will not get until the weekend. ;)

My phone gave me a birthday present too!
I have a Samsung Galaxy S3.
A voucher for a movie.
 I bought World War Z for my phone, but can watch on my TV as well!

There is one more thing but will not tell you until I get it, something I ordered with the rest of the money my hubby gave me.

Well I have to go.
Hopefully tomorrow will be able to visit a few more blogs!

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers!

Alice M



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