Friday, 25 January 2013

Just an book and PC update ;)

Hi all will be doing research on company UPC#s to see what more I can find.  Will be my weekend project.

Today I got my new computer! Yay!!!  It is fast and has 1 TB hard drive, 6 GB ram but added 8 GB stick for increased speed. Also has Windows 8, seems to be okay, was a little worried about the new windows but seems to be user friendly.  Have made all necessary disks and back ups and registered everything.  All I have left to do is finish installing printer, camera etc software.  Oh by the way looks great and my new monitor, which is perfect for this one.  And they match!  LOL

So tomorrow will be setting up my aunt's MP3 for her. Probably switch this new keyboard back to my old one, this new one seems a bit small.  Tomorrow night will let Foxy post, or Little Boy if he can work up the nerve, lol.

Next week only working 4 hours each day so yipee more time for reading /writing blogs and reading books (although I read everyday,wish I could read more) and a little time to work on a special project for the Oz Altered Celebration.  Okay just switched keyboards, this is a lot better, can type faster with less mistakes!

Since it is faster means no more waiting for pages to load while doing research, was amazed how fast it is compared to my laptop, which was not that bad, until it decided it wanted to act funny.

For the readers out there I bought some more books, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (I know, but I have never read it before) it came with another copy of the Hobbit, (paper back- all four books $20.00) which is okay since the one I am reading is on Kobo.

 I also bought Secret of the Dragon (hardcover also on sale for $2.00) by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

 Plus found a new blog today through Book Blogs called Midnight Thrillers where I saw a book review on The Dead of Winter By Jack Night (I bought this one from Kobo $3.96) which I also bought, this is one of the next ones I intend to read, for the New Authors Challenge 2013.

I swear some of the best books I have read I bought on sale, how weird is that?  Also a great way to read new authors and different styles of writing. 

Do any of you remember a series a while ago called Flash Forward, I believe, wasn't a big hit, but I read the book, Flash Forward by Robert J Sawyer about a year before (one of my $2.00 ones) and the book was fantastic!  If you like Sci-fi you would like the concept of this book.  God I love imagination. ;~)

Okay I have to go for now but I will be back!  


  1. New computer...books...sounds like a good time over there! I will have to check that blog you mention and the book. I love to read, and I love thrillers, so it's right up my alley.

  2. Yes Thrillers, books and movies big hit in my family! I love anything that has the ability to scare the beegeebees out of me!! Not always an easy thing to do with me guessing what is going to happen next!!!! People don't like watching movies with me. ;~) Got used to not saying what I am thinking when watching a movie. Hope you do check out the site, found a few on books etc.

  3. Hey Alice ;o) So happy everything is going well with the new computer ;o) Have fun with the reading ;o)


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