Sunday, 20 January 2013

More Kitties from the Adoption Centre

Some more beautiful cats for the Adoption Centre.
Here is their card with the hours on it.
These cats are at the Adoption Centre at
the Seaway Mall in Welland.

All new ones except for this first cat Violet.
She was adopted in December but did not get along with her family's dog.
Poor kitty!  Now she is looking for a new home without any dogs or other cats.
Her adoption fee has been lowered to $100.00
She needs to be an only cat. 
Maybe you know some one who would like her.



Georgie (grey) and Jazzie (black) are brother and sister.
These two pretty kitties have to go together their owner became severely allergic.
They are $185.00 for the pair.

She is a year old, it was hard to get a picture when she woke up wouldn't stay still for the camera! LOL!
Her adoption has a sponsored and only cost $60.00!

Toochi and Stanley (brothers)
Both are neutered already, and are up for adoption because of a family illness.
These 2 have to go together and their fee is $180.00 for both.

He comes all the way from Fort Erie and needs a home where he is the only cat.  
His adoption fee is $100.00.  

He is also a $110.00, and looking for a loving forever home. 

She is going for the regular adoption fee of $140.00.
Did not see any information on her but she was friendly and such a pretty cat, as you can see. ;)

This big beautiful female is 6 yrs old and her human could no longer care for her.
She needs to go to a home where she is the only pet and no children (she was never socialized with other animals or children).

Thank you for looking at these beautiful creatures, please share even if not from the Niagara Region, maybe someone who sees your post will be able to adopt one.

Alice M


  1. It's always sad to see these beautiful animals in cages like that. I hope they find a forever home soon!

    1. Yes it is so sad :( but as long as these beautiful creatures need a home I am willing to help them by putting them here and hopefully someone will see them and take them home! ;~)

  2. Such beautiful animals! I do hope they all find homes! I hate those cages!

  3. Oh they are all beautiful! Hope they all find good homes. I sure love the name Violet for a cat :)


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