Friday, 4 January 2013

Music I like.............

I like almost any music, that is why I joined a music community, Music when I was invited.  I told one lady the songs I liked and my favorite band.  She hadn't heard of some of the songs so I went looking for them to share on the site.  

I was able to find all on YouTube (who knew!!!).  So I am putting them here for my readers to hear.  Warning you now, that they are from different categories.

My Favorite song is a tie between 

One Tin Soldier-The Original Caste 

and Solitude - Black Sabbath

My second Favorite is All in a Mouses Night - Genesis

And my favorite band is......

The Guess Who
(there isn't a song they sing I do not like)
Here is one of my favorites from them
Share the Land

From todays music I really love this one

 What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

If you listen to the words of each song, you will see why I love them!

Okay I will be back later!
I hope you enjoy the songs. ;~)

On a separate note my cats love to hear me sing, even off key!  LOL!!! 
They run to me when I start singing (not like the whistling - they really hate that!!!).

Thanks for dropping by!! Will be back soon.

Alice M


  1. Someone who actually likes a Black Sabbath song! How cool is that?

    I also like any type of music. I don't really have a favourite, although I do lean a little more toward classic rock.

  2. Great music! I have to say, I really love all types of music. It depends on the mood I am in ;o) But, I have to admit, the music of the today, not sure if I really do like it! LOL!


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