Friday, 25 January 2013

Nonstop Funny dogs & cats(from YouTube)

Nonstop Funny dogs & cats  

Okay don't blame you if you don't watch this, it is 35 mins long but it has some great stuff in it!
I was only going to skip through it but couldn't do it! just had to watch it!!
turned speakers up so cats could look around (so I could laugh more) and
there are parts I would love to have the original addresses for.
Would post them separately on different days.
There are a few clips that bring up some very interesting
facts about animals.

Alice M


  1. This is fantastic! I am amazed at some of the friendships --- like the cat and the rat! The crow playing ball was adorable. And I'm always a sucker for owls; I love those birds. I didn't finish the whole video, but I saved it as a favourite on YouTube to watch more of it later. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The poor little Shitsu in the square of cans! Got to love my crow ;o) That little white kitten didn't want to share his food! LOL! That owl was stunning! And, that baby in the tub! LOL! All great videos!!! Thank you ;o)


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