Saturday, 12 January 2013

RIP Laptop!!

Well I think my Laptop bit the dust.  Do not know if I can fix it.  So for now I am using my Notebook, which is so slow!!!  My desktop should be ready Monday or Tuesday. It is a second hand one so not sure how fast it will be, but I was hoping to use that for another project which didn't need speed but a lot of room.  

For now will use what I have so be patient, I will be out visiting you all and reading what you have to say, just will take a bit of time with this one ;~)   For now I need some rest, worked all week and next week too, not used to it, since I normally work part time because of my hip.  Which at the moment is screaming what are you doing!!!!!  LOL!!!!
Gotta have humor

So for now a little smile for you!

Cats Try to Understand Treadmill

Scottish Fold munchkin

This is just too cute!!!!!!

Hope you liked them will try and come back tomorrow night, 
babysitting tomorrow.



  1. That Scottish Fold munchkin is adorable!!!

  2. I am sorry about your laptop and your hip!! Please take care of yourself! I love the videos! When the cats kept hitting the treadmill, I was laughing so hard! And, I love that Scottish Fold Munchkin! Be well ;o)


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